Things You Need To Know When Buying Your First Motorcycle

One of the greatest things that you will experience when riding a bike is freedom. The experience is certainly incomparable. With different models to choose from at Suzuki dealers in the UK, there is always a machine for the beginner as well as the skilled rider. You can opt for the 200cc that you can use for errands around town or the 1340cc for the off-road track.

Getting around in a car can be expensive and time consuming that is why many people are now rediscovering the benefits of having a motorcycle. The two-wheeled transport which used to be identified with hard core riding enthusiasts is becoming an attractive option for city dwellers that have lost their patience with traffic congestions.

However, if you are still weighing options on the types of motorcycle that will suit your lifestyle, the following tips will help you discover what suits you best:

  • The cruiser is the favourite of millions of riders because it beautiful and looks cool. The cruiser is also a good bike for the beginner because it is easier to control with smooth power delivery. Most cruisers are built for street riding that do not require power and speed but there are also power cruisers at something like 1200cc that are manageable in the streets but can also allow an off-road experience.
  • At the end of the spectrum is the sports bike that is built for power and speed. They can definitely outrun most sports cars in the highway. However, the sport bikes are built for the highly experienced and skilled rider who crave the thrill of high speed riding.
  • The standard motorcycle is a good option for a beginner because they are built today with a surprising amount of technology from automatic transmissions to phone chargers. The engine is big enough for a cross country adventure.

If you are looking for a street bike, you can find one at Suzuki dealers in the UK, however, there are also new Suzuki models for those who prefer greater performance on or off track. At the Suzuki dealer, there is a parts department for all your needs.

How To Get A Business Tax ID

If you’re operating a business, you’ll need to get an EIN, an Employee Identification Number, which is basically your businesses’ tax ID number. If you’re operating in Ohio, your business’s Ohio EIN is basically its tax ID and Social Security number. It lets the IRS to quickly and easily identify your business, and check whatever tax documents and forms you’ve missed.

Don’t worry if you’ve yet to get your Ohio EIN, the IRS has done what they can to make the process of getting one as simple as possible.

Step 1: Check whether you need an EIN.

The first thing you need to do is to determine whether or not you need an EIN. Though this step is fairly superfluous, as having an EIN is a very useful thing to have, whether or not you need it. However, if you really want to know, the IRS requires EIN for businesses that employs workers, withholds taxes on wages and salaries you pay, and/or your business operates as either a corporation or partnership.

Step 2: Application

You have several options for applying for an EIN; fax, phone, mail or online. If online is the one that appeals to you, good news, you’ve made the IRS’s job a little easier. The IRS prefers online applications, as they can immediately give EINs to the people who complete the online application on the EIN Assistance subpage in their website.

Step 3: Answer application questions

You have five short questions to deal with when getting an EIN, and they’re pretty straightforward. First, it’ll ask for the kind of EIN you’re applying for; whether it’s sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC, partnership or estate. Next, you need to give the reason as to why you are applying for an EIN, whether it’s starting a new business, banking purposes or other reasons. Then, you need to give your name and Social Security Number to finish.

Step 4: Save your EIN.

Once you’re done with the application, the system will then make a new EIN which you can use immediately. An official document from the IRS will be loaded onto your computer, which is the confirmation of your EIN. Needless to say, it’s a good idea to save a copy and print one in case you forget the EIN.)

Tips For Getting Organised With Magnets

Magnets. They’re small wonders made possible with physics; one that’s seen a lot of use in the modern world. One of the more common and mundane uses for them are for storage; they’re seen in people’s houses to keep things attached and neatly organised, with nothing more than a hot glue gun needed.

If you’ve got a lots of vertical surfaces, you can use all that space as extra storage, you just need a little bit of creativity. If putting all those magnets in Brisbane to good use attracts you, here’s some ideas. And yes, I went there.


You can stick some good magnets to the back of your spice containers so you can attach them to the side of your fridge or in a cupboard. This works best with those with see-through caps, as putting them vertically will allow you to see how much of the spices you still have, as well as make identifying them easy while you’re cooking.

Knives, and metal tools

Magnetic bars are, as the name implies, long, vertical strips of magnetic metal that can be attached to walls and other vertical spaces. They can be used in your kitchens to hold up knives and other metal kitchen utensils, as well as adding that little aesthetic touch to your kitchen walls. You can also use them for your garage, to hold the small, easy-to-misplace metal tools you use quite frequently.

Toys and keys; the living room

Toys and car keys have one thing in common; they tend to get misplaced. A lot. If you’re shopping for magnets in Brisbane, this is a good time to consider getting a magnetic bar for these commonly lost objects. Not only do this makes keeping them in one place, they also add that special, collector-like touch to your walls. Also, if they’re high enough, they can be used to keep things from the little tots.

Important tools, like torches

Alright, here’s a not-so-common, but still infuriating, scenario: power’s out, everything’s gone dark and you need to take a look at the fuse box. If only you could find that damn torch (flashlight). Attaching a magnet to your flashlight and slapping that to your fuse box will help you find it in case of an emergency. It doesn’t even have to be a fuse box, just a location that’s easy to access and impossible to miss, but still safe to store something that could break.

Knowing Your Options For A Health Insurance In Thailand

Whether you’rea Thai local or an expat, you need health insurance in Thailand for coverage. However, the task of finding one can really be daunting. One needs to be aware of the benefits it can offer for citizens. As an expat, you need to know what insurance to buy or whether there really is a need for one. So below is a listing of Thailand’s most common types of health insurance and how you can typically apply for them:

International Health Insurance

This type of health insurance is purchased by most expats and will cover their treatment in both private and government hospitals in Thailand and abroad. The policy may need to list down the countries covered. For instance, an international plan may cover all countries throughout Asia. There are also plans which don’t include Singapore and Hong Kong in their coverage. There are also plans that exclude the US due to its high cost of medical systems. However, one thing is for sure– you’ll be paying higher premiums for your coverage.

Private Insurance

If you’re an expat and is working in Thailand, your employer may get you covered by this health insurance in Thailand for protection. The country has the same private insurance system that is offered abroad. An employer can hire a group insurance policy and have his or her employees receive the same coverage at a hospital of their choice, be it a government or private owned hospital. The policy will cover various types of treatment. Some plans cover some limits while others have high fixed limits to cover everything. If an expat or Thai national doesn’t receive coverage from their employer, they may opt for private insurance policies by themselves.

Government Healthcare

Whether you’re a Thai national or expat, if you work for a licenced Thai company, you can receive social security. The person is assigned to a specific government hospital where he can expect treatment. However, he will have to wait on long queues of treatment unless it’s an emergency.

Though this may not be a comprehensive list of health insurance in Thailand available, this coverage can help cut down expenses on medical treatments done in a government or private hospital.

Tips To Use Vinyl Stickers Effectively For Marketing Business

Vinyl banners are the most popular and cost effective marketing tools for businesses. With advancement in technology, the vinyl banners can be printed digitally in any size and shape to suit the requirement of the businesses. The cost of the vinyl banners depends on the material used for printing and the printing techniques.

Some of the commonly used materials for creating vinyl stickers are

  1. Gloss stickers – Glossy stickers are used to provide high clarity images that have a shiny look. The gloss stickers are UV resistant and do not fade due to sun exposure. This type of stickers are generally printed on only one side. Since the glossy stickers produce glare, they are not suitable for outdoors which have harsh light. Using gloss stickers portrays a professional and modern image for the business.
  2. Matte stickers – Matte stickers eliminate the glare effect produced by the glossy stickers. Using matte vinyl stickers provides proper visibility of the intended message or image on the sticker. Matte stickers are also durable and can withstand tough weather conditions.

Businesses can choose between the glossy and matte stickers depending on their requirements and budget. These vinyl stickers can be easily customized and produced in various sizes and shapes to suit the requirements. These stickers can be used innovatively for promotion of the business and brand building. They can be placed on the shopping bags handed over by the business, on the product, or as free gifts for visitors. Companies can also use professionally designed stickers as vehicle decals and wraps.

Using vinyl stickers on vehicles and cars of the company helps it to attract the attention of the pedestrians and other motorists on the road. These stickers act as brand reminders to the potential customers. Creatively designed stickers add beauty to the interiors of the office and also promote the business. However proper care has to be takenwhile designing and using stickers as marketing materials. Hire a professional designer to design the sticker. The sticker should portray the brand story or the company image to the viewers. Using a creative image that improves brand recognition and combining it with text in readable font is a sure shot way of getting the positive attention.

Five Popular Tourist Attractions In Cardiff

Cardiff is a beautiful city and is the capital city of wales. The city is one of the top ten shopping destinations in Britain and has a lot of tourist attractions that introduce the visitors to the rich Welsh history.

Most of the sightseeing in Cardiff is around the city centre. Visitors to the city can book hotels in Cardiff city centre to enjoy the different attractions at their own pace. Here are some of the must visit attractions in the city.

  1. National Museum Cardiff

The national museum in Cardiff is the top attraction in the city. The museum draws visitors from all around the world with a broad range of exhibits in art, natural history, archaeology and geology. The national museum is located at the city centre.

  1. Wales Millennium centre

Also known as the Armadillo, wales Millennium centre is a striking slate and steel structure. The centre features a number of cafes, restaurants and hosts music shows and other events.

  1. Cardiff castle

The castle dates back to 50 AD and is an imposing building in the city centre. The imposing building is a gothic fantasy of the nineteenth century and is walled with elaborate gargoyles. It is a must visit attractions for the history buffs. The castle is close to the city centre and the visitors can book their stay at the hotels in Cardiff city centre to stroll to the castle and enjoy the sights at their own leisurely pace.

  1. St Fagans National History Museum

The museum is located in a quaint village on the outskirts of the Cardiff city. The museum is the most popular attraction in the city and spreads of sixty acres. The open-air museum consists of reconstructed buildings from different parts of wales. The beautiful gardens date back to the nineteenth century and are very beautiful.

  1. Cardiff bay

Visitors to Cardiff can socialize and relax at the Cardiff bay. Most of the entertainment in the city is at the bay. Visitors to the city can stay at the hotels in Cardiff city centre and stroll to the Cardiff bay, which is close. The bay has a number of restaurants, pubs and clubs and is a cosmopolitan centre. There is a kid’s playground at the far end of the bay.

How A Railway Was Built With Blood And Death

When you visit พิพิธภัณฑ์ช่องเขาขาด, you can barely imagine how a railroad was built without the modern equipment that construction workers use today. The very nature of war means death and tragedies. In that iconic stretch of the Thailand-Burma Railway, 16,000 prisoners of war sacrificed their lives. Most of them were Australians, British and Dutch including local labourers who were required to work under the harshest conditions.

The Hellfire museum tells a story about the sacrifices that men and women make when there is a war. The free audio guide provided to visitors explains the harrowing experiences of survivors. There are interviews and detailed commentaries regarding specific issues like diseases, meagre food and the nicknames given to the Japanese soldiers.

During the World War II, the Japanese were fighting Burma and they needed an option to send supplies to their troops which is better than by sea. A railway has to be built fast so that ammunitions, food and other goods can be sent by land. Tens of thousands of prisoners of war and Asian labourers were required for the task.

The obstruction to the railway project was a solid rock which the labourers and POWs had to cut. Aside from the brutality of the Japanese guards, the POWs and labourerswere struck with different illnesses. Work had to be speeded up but harsh treatment proved to be fatal for the men. Even when sick, the guards would still demand them to work.

Australians visit the museum every year because they know that the ashes of their countrymen are just a few kilometres away. The brave soldiers have sacrificed their lives in order for people to enjoy freedom from bondage. Visiting the museum is indeed worthwhile because it has managed to set the scene perfectly with informative and interesting displays.

The Australian Department of Veteran Affairs and the Royal Thai Government have jointly worked to create พิพิธภัณฑ์ช่องเขาขาดas a memorial to the men and women who have suffered and died in the construction of Thailand-Burma railway. Aside from the museum, there are also scenic spots and a path that brings you to the hills.

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