3 Secrets To A Successful Business Team Building

According to a study conducted by the University of Central Florida, there are so many values a team can get out of having a team building activity. Because of this, most companies schedule a team building at least once a year and allocate a budget for it. Such a cultivating activity is conducted to boost the employee’s confidence and also, business team building is also done to encourage better performance from the team.To come up with a successful activity, consider the following ideas:

Pick a suitable venue

The venue of your team building activity contributes to its success. Choose a conducive venue or one that would allow participants to engage actively and comfortably in the activities without physical restrictions.Take note that a business team building may involve activities that require moving around so pick a venue that has ample space. You can also opt for an offsite venue such as in a hotel or a beach resort to give your employees fresh air and a different ambiance outside of your office.

Choose the right date and time

Schedule your team building activity in such a way that it will not take up your team’s personal time with their family or loved ones. Set the activity on a weekday during office hours. Having the event on a Friday can be suitable since there is less workload during this time.

Set team expectations

To have an effective team building activity, present the goals of the activity in order for the team to appreciate the purpose of the event. Team building activitiesare generally done with specific goals in mind and it is best to present these goals to the entire team. it would also be ideal to ask the participants what they expect from the activity.

Ask for feedback

When you are done with the business team building, ask the participants for feedback. This will provide the organization some insights on how to improve its management within and how to better deliver its services to its targets and other important organizational aspects.

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