Accessories To Choose When Renting Marquee

Marquee Hire in Sydney is suitable for various occasions. They can be used during weddings, corporate events, birthdays and other special events. When renting a marquee, you need to consider a lot of things. You need to consider the number of your guests, the size of the marquee and the area where you are going to put up the marquee. The type of marquee that you are going to rent should also be suitable to the current season. For instance, a sturdier marquee should be chosen for the rainy or winter season while a lighter material should be chosen during dry or sunny season. Apart from the material, you should also consider the accessories to be included in the marquee. Here are some of the most common accessories that go perfect with a party marquee.


Lights are very important aspect of Marquee Hire in Sydney especially if you are going to hold the party at night or if you prefer having a close marquee with walls down. Lights will improve the ambiance of the area and will boost the mood of the event. For instance, a wedding with low lights will make the event dreamier like you are actually in a fairy tale movie while blinking LED lights of different colours will have everyone on their feet and dancing.


The stage is where the important parts of the event take place. It is where the presidential table is placed and where speeches and the highlights of the event happen. The stage is where most of the decorations like flowers, lights and other pieces are placed. It is the centrepiece of the occasion so you would want your stage to be attractive and artsy. Choose a stage that would help materialize your dream party.


Linings can be pleated, plain or lightly ruched. It comes with valence of different colours to match your motif or preference.


The flooring is an important aspect of Marquee Hire in Sydney. It is used for walkways and for flooring especially in grassy areas. Choose a strong, reliable floor for your guest’s safety.

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