Advantage And Disadvantages Of Having A Wedding Coordinator

Weddings are happy and joyous events but the planning process which can take months or more than a year can be stressful in so many ways. You might want to handle everything to make sure that every detail is right but another option is available, hiring a professional to help. If you are not sure whether to hire a wedding coordinator or not, here are the advantages and disadvantages to help you decide.


  • If you have never been involved in wedding planning before then you might be surprised at the amount of tasks that need to be done. A professional wedding planner has the experience and knowledge which will ensure that every small detail is looked into.
  • For a bride who is getting married in a city where she does not live, planning can be hard. Hiring a local wedding coordinator is a blessing in disguise because they know the local market, the right vendors to go to and they already have a network of suppliers they can contact right away.
  • You will be able to do your daily activities without having to cancel things because you have a lot on your plate. A wedding planner’s time is paid so they will spend every minute of it making sure that they have contacted vendors and tackled every tiny detail.
  • During the wedding day, you won’t have to worry a thing because any problem that might arise will be handled by the wedding coordinator.



  • There are different kinds of people and if you are the one who loves to take everything under control and do everything on your own then you might have a hard time giving some of the tasks regarding one of your most memorable days to the wedding coordinator. Some wedding planners are comforted by this fact because planning is more seamless with someone who is hands on. You have to determine though if you are comfortable with the setup or not.

Hiring a Wedding Coordinator in Sydney is an added cost. Some will help you save money in the long run but it is quite hard if your budget already reached the maximum. You also have the option to hire a coordinator on the day of the wedding to make sure everything is handled seamlessly.


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