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First-Time Travel Tips For Myanmar

So you’ve managed to book yourself a Yangon hotel in Myanmar for your trip. Good for you! Now, whether you’ll be going for business or pleasure, there are certain things you need to know about the place. After all, you’re going to be there for a bit, best not to make a fool of yourself while you’re there.

Here are some things you need to know about Myanmar.

Safety first.

  • Before packing up and heading for Myanmar, or any other country for that matter, it’s a good idea to, wait; scratch that, it’s pretty much mandatory to check for updates and safety advice from your country’s foreign affairs department. It’s not like booking a Yangon hotel in Myanmar will put you in mortal danger, but it’s just prudent to be informed.

What’s in a name?

  • The country Myanmar has several names. Myanmar’s one, obviously, but there’s also Burma, Yangon and Rangoon. So, which name is the appropriate one to use when you’re there? It’s not Yangon or Rangoon, and it isn’t Burma, even if the language is called Burmese. See, the Brits colonised the country, they gave the country that name. The locals, however, called it a different name, which is the more proper one: Myanmar.

How to dress there?

  • Myanmar has a very conservative outlook on clothing, with pretty much everyone donning longyis (in case you’re wondering, it’s pronounced lon-gee). They’re a wide tube of fabric that ‘s tied, and folded at the wearer’s waist to create a distinctive knot 3 inches across, with dark colours in checkered, striped and plaided patterns for men, and women get more colourful ones with matching close fit top.
  • For footwear, don’t go for flip-flops, as the road surfaces in the city tend to be rather uneven. You’ll need good walking shoes for the men, and nice dressy sandals or heels for the women. Basically, whatever’s comfortable for walking and running.

Get your VISA.

  • This one should be obvious. Don’t worry about the hassle, Myanmar’s VISA process can be applied for online, with a straightforward, simply process that’ll let you get your VISA from a mobile device in minutes.

Why Second Hand Roof Tiles In Sydney Are Still Useful

If a new house is impossible to afford, you can choose to buy a second-hand house. You may even need to buy second hand roof tiles in Sydney which are still durable to use for the rooftop. However, as the house has been used by others for several years, it can be apparently packed with problems, specifically if the house builder has utilized inexpensive house-building techniques. All these factors need the buyer to examine the house carefully before buying it. Though it may be rightful to have a house inspector check the house, you need to know important things to see if the old house is great for purchase or not:

  • Inspect the structure of the house: Have a full view of the house by checking the floors and walls in every room. There may be some changes in the forms and will need immediate repairs.
  • Inspect the water control: Inspect the gutter and drainage pipes for possible excess water. Check if the water flows away from your property or straight down to the house basement.
  • Examine the roof: Examine if the roof is in great shape. You may even need to replace it with second hand roof tiles in Sydney which can make it look neat and nice.
  • Inspect the kitchen and bathroom fixtures: Ensure the sinks, tubs and toilets utilize high quality fixtures and work properly. You can flush the toilet and turn the faucets just to check adequate water pressure.
  • Heating systems: Check the heater or furnace and what type is used. Also note which part of the house it is located.
  • Fireplace quality: Ensure the fireplace is protected with glass doors or screens, log lighters and dampers. You also need to check if it has an appropriate combustion vent.
  • Insulation concerns: Check the loft if it has adequate insulation. The house will need to have a receptacle to cover it.

You may need to be extra careful when buying an old or second-hand house. The checklist mentioned above will help eliminate your fears and save you a lot of money in the long run. If roofing is a concern, you can always use second hand roof tiles in Sydney which are not bad at all. Just ensure that you are checking everything, whether it’s a new or second-hand house you are buying.

Hua Hin As The Perfect Getaway For A Romantic Rendezvous

Hua Hin is one of the top tourist destinations in Thailand where travellers have a wide range of options in terms of accommodations. Aside from the 5-star hotels, there are modern luxury beach villas in Hua Hin that offer complete privacy. There are also mid-range options for backpackers. However, the resorts that are farther away from the town are the perfect getaway for visitors who desire a romantic rendezvous.

Hua Hin has a range of activities and attractions that families will love. Aside from spending time at the beach to swim or sunbathe, you can experience water sports like jet skiing and kite surfing. After you have had your fill of the beach, you can take the local bus to KhaoTakiap which is the highest area in Hua Hin. Since it is only 8 kilometres from town and there is literally no traffic, the journey is quite fast.

As the bus goes up the mountain, you will be treated to an unforgettable view of the whole of Hua Hin and its beaches. The mountain is also the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful sunset and taste the delicious food. There are a number of seafood restaurants that range from traditional Thai places to large luxury resort restaurants.

There are also a number of temples with the Monkey Mountain as the most popular. The macaques that have made the temple grounds as their home are quite used to tourists but always be extra careful of your little children, cameras and bags because the animals are still wild and tend to grab anything within their reach.

If you will take the stairs you will enjoy a great view. However, if you do not want the exercise, you can drive around the back to enjoy the beauty of the temple and its statues.

You will enjoy nature at its finest when you visit Hua Hin. From the wide windows of the luxury beach villas in HiaHin, you will enjoy sensational views of the inviting beachfront. The high-end private resort guarantees a memorable vacation like no other because nothing comes between you and the beauty of nature.

How Authentic Thai Dining In Bangkok Completes Your Vacation Here

Whenever people try to visit Bangkok, they often ask what’s the greatest thing to do here. Bangkok is an immeasurable city, the centre of Southeast Asia, with so many things to do here. For a change, you may want to venture into authentic Thai dining in Bangkok at some elegant restaurants. You can also go shopping or touring the entire city’s magnificent sights.

  • Spending a Night in Bangkok: Bangkok turns into a different place at night. When night strikes, the food stalls and street vendors change their goods; night markets open; and the red light districts are on the go. You may want to go to Khao San Road for some authentic Thai dining in Bangkok in nightclubs and restaurants. Many travellers want a great time in this city so they search for night entertainments.


  • Dine with a Vista: The city twinkles with lights at night and is best seen in skyscrapers. There are sky bars to visit in tall buildings especially that this is where Thailand’s affluent and expats often dine. If you’re high above the building, see a panoramic view of the city and breathe the freshest air. However, prices for meals and drinks may be costly, but the ambiance is perfect.


  • Visit a Floating Market: There’s nothing better in this world than being at the Chao Phraya River. You can drop by the DamnoenSaduak Floating Market and get to see the real sights by the River. Here you can pick up orchids, eat fresh barbeques on low stools near the river. You can also travel by ferry boats and see some famous attractions of the city.


  • Get a massage at Wat Pho: Most travellers in Bangkok can’t do without having a massage therapy. What Pho is the origin and where you study massage. You can then be soothed and relaxed by proficient therapists. However, you need to be extra careful when you are in this area.

Complete your vacation by tasting authentic Thai dining in Bangkok at a local exquisite restaurant. You can also buy loads of goodies at the Chatuchak Market as souvenirs to take home.

Factors To Consider While Selecting A Serviced Apartment In Bangkok

Bangkok is a financial and commercial hub and attracts a lot of business travellers. The city is also a medical tourism destination and has number of people visiting the city for medical treatments in the multi-speciality hospitals. The city is a tourist attraction with many tourists visiting the city from around the world. With so many different people visiting the city, there is no dearth of accommodation options in Bangkok.

People looking for long-term accommodation options can hire condos and serviced apartments in the city. There is a wide range of apartments which range from small studio apartments to one and two bedroom serviced apartments and pent houses. The prices of the apartments vary depending on the area of the apartment, the amenities provided in the apartment and the location of the apartment. For example, a modern, well-furnished serviced apartment near BTS will cost more than the one in suburbs.

The first factor to consider while searching for an apartment in Bangkok is the location. Select a suitable location depending upon the location of place of work and the preferred mode of transport. People who prefer to use metro can look for a serviced apartment near BTS stations to avoid the traffic and reach destination quickly. However, the rents are higher for apartments close to the metro stations. So I suggest, selecting an apartment that is not too close but within a short distance from the BTS station.

After finalizing the location, the next important factor is the price of the apartment. Determine the affordable budget and shortlist the apartments in the price band. I suggest people to visit the apartments personally few times to experience the vibe of the locality and the apartment complex before finalizing the lease agreement. The price of the serviced apartment near BTS also depends on the amenities provided at the apartment. Many of the modern building have amenities like swimming pool, health club or fitness centre, laundry and maintenance. Prefer to hire an apartment with these amenities as they save the cost of enrolling for separate gyms and pools.

Expats and foreigners who are looking for serviced apartments near BTS can search for them online on the different forums and sites or ask for references from friends and colleagues.

How To Choose Stay Options In Phuket

Phuket is a popular beach destination in Thailand. Scores of visitors throng the island all around the year to enjoy the Sun, Sea and Sand. The beautiful island is bordered by lush green rainforests on one side and the majestic Andaman Sea on the other. Phuket was popular for couples and single adults because of the raucous party scene, but the image is changing slowly and Phuket is gaining popularity as the family vacation destination, with the presence of a number of water parks, adventure parks and other attractions.

Phuket has no dearth of accommodation options. The tourist city has a host of options ranging from beach resorts and 5 star hotels in Phuket to low cost shared accommodations, budget hotels and guest houses.

The presence of a number of 5 star hotels in Phuket makes it difficult for the tourists to choose the right option to book their vacation stay. However, they have to be very careful and choose a reputed hotel that offers good amenities. Tourists should not be fooled by the pictures of the hotel shown on the hotel booking sites, they should perform proper research and select a good quality hotel in the city. The selection of the hotel should be based on factors like location of the hotel, accessibility, proximity to the shopping areas and tourist attractions and the quality of services offered by the hotel.

Most of the 5 star hotels in Phuket have their own websites. It is easy to book hotels in Phuket directly through their websites or by contacting the phone numbers provided in the website. Most of the hotels also offer attractive promotional discounts on direct bookings and off-season booking.

I prefer to stay at one of the luxurious 5 star hotels in Phuket to enjoy a memorable vacation in Phuket. The hotel is conveniently located close to the Patong beach, one of the most famous beach in Phuket and also the party capital of the country. The scenic location of the hotel allows the visitors to rewind and relax enjoying the mesmerising views from the spacious private balconies of the hotel rooms. The hotel has three restaurants to serve the guests with the choicest dishes from Thai and International cuisine. The poolside bar, fitness centre and spa are some of the other amenities at the famous 5 star hotel.

How You Should Choose A Personal Trainer In Manly West

If you live in Manly West and want a fitness goal, you’ll probably think of working out with a personal trainer. You need some push and fresh ideas to pursue work outs that keep you healthy and slim. There are days where you don’t feel like exercising and will need someone to get you through. This is when a personal trainer in Manly West comes really handy.

So how do you find a great trainer to fit what you want? A trainer who specialises in your needs can guide you through your goals. Below are some tips to undertake so you find the right trainer:

  • Knowing your goals – what exactly you want to do?

You need to assess first your goals to know what you really want so you start looking. Fitness goals can include weight loss, some toning up, obtaining muscles or become better at a sport. Inform your personal trainer in Manly West about what you need so he can help you achieve your goals.

  • Finding a personal trainer

You need to start looking for a trainer. If you’reexercising at a gym, you can probably inquire those that do personal training. The only problem is having a large number of people here, and it may somehow limit your workouts.

You can check online for great solutions to finding a personal trainer in Manly West that fits your needs. Many of them now advertise their expertise on the Internet to get more people in availing their services.

  • Interview process

If you have chosen a type of training to try, then start interviewing your trainers. Ensure you know what they specialise, so you get the best services and their rates. Also ensure they provide a certification and insurance to make them qualified for the job. If they don’t have any of these, they may not be what you need.

  • Hiring the Trainer

Once you have found the right personal trainer in Manly West, inform him of the days you plan to workout and if he is available for the training. He may offer monthly sessions to check how far you have gone with your fitness and if it has some effects on your body. Also interact with your trainer regularly to know if your personalities jive. A good trainer will surely help achieve your fitness goals.

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