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Thailand – A Romantic Destination For Your Wedding

If you are planning on a destination wedding, Thailand is one of your best options. The beautiful beaches of Thailand can be the ideal setting for your wedding because nature will be your backdrop. You needn’t even think of expensive décor since the flowers of Thailand are more than enough to create a romantic atmosphere. With more than 3,000 miles of coastline, there is always an available beach for the romantic event.

Destination weddings in Thailand are becoming very popular because it easier to plan and execute. Thailand has pre-designed wedding packages that are created by expert wedding planners. All the components required to achieve a perfect wedding can be provided for a highly affordable price. The wedding planner takes charge of the wedding preparation and all you need to do is make a few decisions.

Destination weddings in Thailand have become more affordable because you only need to pay for a resort stay and the wedding package. The family and guests who will be invited to the wedding can pay their own way to Thailand as well as their accommodations not unless you have the money to splurge for their expenses. Beach resorts in Thailand are more than willing to offer discounts when a certain number of rooms are booked with a honeymoon arranged on the same venue.

Instead of confusion and drama on the wedding day, the big event will be more relaxed. All the stresses and worries regarding the wedding will disappear once you behold the beauty of the Thailand beaches and resorts. Instead of staying overnight for the wedding, many of the family and guests will surely decide to extend their vacation to enjoy the island. The best relaxation can be enjoyed along the beautiful beaches of Thailand.

Thailand Wedding Photographer will ensure an affordable video and photo coverage of your wedding. You can request for unlimited photographers from the preparations up to wedding reception. You also have the option of pre-nuptial photographs with the beautiful landscape of Thailand as your backdrop. The excitement and romance will be fully documented so that you always look back to the wonderful memories of your wedding.

Beginner’s Tips For Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Standup Paddle boarding or SUP boarding is quickly becoming the fastest growing water sport and the reason why people are so drawn into this sport is that SUP boarding not only provides the opportunity to be one with nature and to explore around, it also gives a full-body workout which in turn can improve the physique of a person as well as his health.

If you are thinking about engaging in stand up paddle boarding, make sure to check out the following beginner’s tips below.

  1. Always use a leash. The first thing you should think about before you engage in any kind sport is safety. Although stand-up paddle boarding is a relatively safe sport, you would still need to maximize your safety by using a leash that would connect you to your board. It should be noted that sometimes, the only thing that could get in the way of tragedy is a leash.
  2. Paddle the right way. Most beginners would paddle in a way that scoops the water. However, the right way to paddle while standing is actually the other way around where you place less stress around your shoulders. Paddling the right way ensure smoother and more effective paddling.
  3. Know the right way of facing. For beginners and non-surfers, it is understandably hard to determine which is the nose or the front of the board. To know which way to face, find the fins first and make sure to place yourself before the fins and not the other way around. These fins ensure that you paddle in an easy straight direction.
  4. Use your core. Most beginners paddle with their arms but the right way of paddling is to use your core because it has more muscles and gives you more power and longevity.
  5. Always look to the horizon. Never look down. Most beginners would always be tempted to look down at the waters but if you want the best stability, you should always look at the horizon.
  6. Only ride the waves you know you can handle. This is important because Mother Nature is very powerful and you might overestimate your own skills.
  7. Get the right equipment. Make sure to use the proper equipment and the best stand up paddle boards that would complement your weight and your skills.

Why It’s Better To Own Property Rather Than Renting It

Many people have dreamt of owning their own homes but when they are given the opportunity to do so, there are quite a lot who would still choose to rent. But you should know that paying monthly rent can become quite a burden especially if you have regular income. For this reason, it would be better to own a house instead.

Mostly, the decision to own a house is driven by emotions and persuasion from family and friends. However, if you do feel the need to find reasons why you should own property instead of renting, here are some of them.

  1. Emotional Satisfaction and Stability. Emotions play a great role in the foundation of a home. You can’t really consider a house ‘home’ if your emotions aren’t tied to it. By owning your own house, you would be able to root your emotions into your house and therefore make it your home. People who rent often feel shiftless, like they are wanderers. With homeownership however, you would feel more rooted.
  2. Financial Stability. The problem with rent is that not only can it become burdensome, but as the years turn, rent would only seem to increase and in the long run, that can be considered wasteful. Wit homeownership, as long as you have a fixed-rate mortgage, you are guaranteed to get a fixed mortgage rate for most of your loan life.
  3. With rent, you may never be given complete privacy as the owners would still feel entitled to check up on you and their property. Owning your own house, however, can give you all the privacy that you need.
  4. Homeownership provides you the opportunity to get your money back by building equity. With every payment you make, you are building equity. It is a general rule that if you stay in your property for over five to seven years, the costs of acquiring the property may have already been offset equity and the increased housing value.
  5. Greater Control. If you buy a Pattaya house for sale, you are guaranteed great control over the house. You can decorate it in the way you want, add improvements and even sell it when the time comes.

Here’s How You Can Sew Using Tulle

Tulle is a highly decorative material that can be used in many different ways. It can be used to create dresses such as tutus, gowns, can be used to decorate all sorts of items to beautify a room, and it is an ever-present material that is used during weddings. In fact, during weddings, you’ll find tulles everywhere from the bridal gown to the veil, tables, arches, and even chairs. Tulle comes in many different variations and qualities. They could be stiff and thick or soft and flowing. If you are thinking about sewing tulle, you should first understand its purpose in the project. What you should know about tulle is that they’re tricky and challenging to sew. But it isn’t impossible to do and all you need to do is to follow these steps:

  1. Because tulle can attract static electricity quite a lot, you would need to counter this using a spray bottle filled with water. You do not have to soak the tulle. Just a light spray or mist will suffice.
  2. Tulle shouldn’t be ironed or pressed because it has a low melting threshold. If you want to remove wrinkles from tulle, try steam. You can also use a pressing cloth if you have no choice but to iron.
  3. You can use a rotary cutter and a self-healing mat if you don’t want the material to shift whilst you are cutting.
  4. Tulle material can be very slippery that is why they are tricky to sew. If you don’t want it to shift or snag, try placing a piece of transparent tape on the presser foot. ‘
  5. If you don’t want the material to get caught in the feed dogs and jam your sewing machine, what you can do is place a piece of seam binding under the fabric. This will act as support for the stitching.
  6. With tulle, you do not have to finish the edges as it does not fray. Doing so would provide better results.
  7. If you are hand sewing, use a larger needle and a thicker thread.
  8. You can add more layers and make the project fuller by using your ruffle foot and gathering more than what you need in length.
  9. For sewing machines, use the longest stitching length setting. Wide zigzags stitches are preferred in both hand and machine sewing.
  10. Use several safety pins to secure the tulle material in the base fabric. As you go on, you can start to remove the pins one-by-one.

The Four Most Important Needs For Skin Care

Caring for the skin is important because the skin accounts for the largest part of the body. Your skin serves as protection to everything that is inside the body. This means that the skin is your first line of defense against countless of environmental aggressors. It plays an important role in transferring bodily information as well with regulating body temperature. There are numerous reasons why you should take care of your skin but the most compelling reason is probably connected with the appearance of an individual. People want to look their best and having healthy radiant skin can definitely help with that.

When people care for their skin, they usually try all sorts of methods and usually begin with their faces. But you should know that there are only 4 important needs for skin care and before you dive into that information, there is one thing you should know about. Always remember that the way you care for your skin should be dependent on the type of skin you have. Most people have combination skin meaning some parts are oily and most parts are dry. Other skin types are oily, dry, sensitive, damaged.


Cleansing is important for skin care. For example, if you stop washing your face, then your pores will become clogged which would then result into serious acne. For cleansing, all you need to do is be simple. Find a good cleanser that your skin will respond to. You don’t have to buy expensive cleansers as you can find effective and cheaper cleansers at the drugstore.


Exfoliation is a great way to smoothen the skin. When you get rid of the dry skin cells in the surface of the skin, you would be able to have a smoother appearance. The reason why men tend to look younger than women is that because men tend to exfoliate daily when they shave.


The most common reason why skin looks unhealthy is because of the lack of moisturizing. Using a moisturizer can greatly improve the condition of the skin. Remember, you skin goes through lots of abuse and in order to avoid unhealthy looking and dry skin, you should moisturize your skin daily.


Your skin is constantly being attacked by external forces such as UV rays, dirt, bacteria, etc. Make it a habit to apply sunscreen to protect your skin. Remember, the leading cause of wrinkles is sun damage. Try to use natural skin care products as much as possible.

Cut Down On Your Bathroom Renovation Costs With These Easy Tips

There are many benefits bathroom renovations can give. First of all, as you renovate your bathroom, you also add more value to your house. It also helps that the bathroom plays a rather large role in a property’s value. Also, by renovating your bathroom, you’ll be providing you and your family members a new and improved bathroom experience.

During the first stages of your planning, you are probably thinking about all the fancy tiles, the European hardware, or even the expansive skylights that you are planning to put in your bathroom. However, these fantasies can all change once you get a glimpse of the price it would take to have such luxuries. But don’t you feel discouraged just yet. You can still get the bathroom of your dreams even while cutting down on your renovation costs. Here’s how.

  1. Do your own demo. When you plan to install a new mosaic tiled shower stall, what you should first do is tear apart the existing fixtures. To do this, you could call a professional who specializes in certain types of demolition projects. But doing so would also quite an amount of money. To cut down on the costs, why not conduct the demolition yourself? You can use the money intended for the professional for other more important uses. However, just because you are going DIY doesn’t mean that you should not pay attention to planning. You should still effectively consider how you are going to tear apart the fixtures and what tools will be needed.
  2. Visit recycling centers. Before you go shopping for the things you plan to put in your bathroom, what you should do first is to visit well-known resources for recyclable fixtures and building materials. Though the fixtures there would have been lightly used, it would still cost considerably less than the brand new fixtures you were planning to buy.
  3. Go for lights and not windows. Adding windows can increase your costs. But if you truly want to add more brightness to your bathroom, why not add lights instead? You’ll be able to save a lot by doing so.

Go online. The best place to look for fixture is online. With online stores such as Bathrooms and More Store, you’d be able to find high quality fixtures at an affordable price.

Here’s How You Can Define Luxury Hotels And Resorts

Luxury, a six-letter word that is either deceptive, promising or sometimes both but right now, it is probably one of the most overused words in the world of advertising. In fact, if you would think about, almost every product nowadays is connected to luxury from liquid detergent to bug spray. But if you would connect luxury to a hotel, there you would have to expect something.

So how do you define luxury? If you would look at the dictionary, luxury will be defined as the state of great comfort and extravagant living. But how about with hotels, do luxury hotels offer that kind of comfort and extravagance? Who decides whether a hotel is ‘luxury’ or not? Critically-minded organizations such as Forbes and AAA are the ones responsible for labeling a hotel luxurious. However, if you would do a research on the standards for luxury hotel, you would find that there is none. For this reason, you can call both 4-star and 5-star hotels luxury.

But in the minds of guests who pay for accommodations at these luxury hotels, you would expect them to expect. They would expect that the luxury standards (if there are any) to be present in all forms and aspects of the hotel or resort. This would include the service, the dining, the activities, amenities, etc. These travelers would have every right to expect luxury because that is what they are paying for.

Whenever travelers or guests check into or make reservations with luxury accommodation in Hua Hin, they would expect an easy, intelligent and respectful planning. This means the booking process should be a breeze and not too complicated. Not only that, guests would expect a fast and easy check-in, check-out. No guest would want to wait to check-out.

Guests would also expect to get the room that they had wanted. It will have all the amenities they were told of including the view, etc. They would want all the features that a luxury hotel could provide and bathrooms that go beyond.

The services are expected to be top of the class as well as with the dining and the activities planned for them. Lastly, they would expect not to get charged for the basics!


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