Beginner’s Tips For Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Standup Paddle boarding or SUP boarding is quickly becoming the fastest growing water sport and the reason why people are so drawn into this sport is that SUP boarding not only provides the opportunity to be one with nature and to explore around, it also gives a full-body workout which in turn can improve the physique of a person as well as his health.

If you are thinking about engaging in stand up paddle boarding, make sure to check out the following beginner’s tips below.

  1. Always use a leash. The first thing you should think about before you engage in any kind sport is safety. Although stand-up paddle boarding is a relatively safe sport, you would still need to maximize your safety by using a leash that would connect you to your board. It should be noted that sometimes, the only thing that could get in the way of tragedy is a leash.
  2. Paddle the right way. Most beginners would paddle in a way that scoops the water. However, the right way to paddle while standing is actually the other way around where you place less stress around your shoulders. Paddling the right way ensure smoother and more effective paddling.
  3. Know the right way of facing. For beginners and non-surfers, it is understandably hard to determine which is the nose or the front of the board. To know which way to face, find the fins first and make sure to place yourself before the fins and not the other way around. These fins ensure that you paddle in an easy straight direction.
  4. Use your core. Most beginners paddle with their arms but the right way of paddling is to use your core because it has more muscles and gives you more power and longevity.
  5. Always look to the horizon. Never look down. Most beginners would always be tempted to look down at the waters but if you want the best stability, you should always look at the horizon.
  6. Only ride the waves you know you can handle. This is important because Mother Nature is very powerful and you might overestimate your own skills.
  7. Get the right equipment. Make sure to use the proper equipment and the best stand up paddle boards that would complement your weight and your skills.
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