Bronies: The True Rebels Of This Generation

Men who continuously watch My Little Pony, purchasing and using My Little Pony costumes and toys, doing all of this even when they know that the whole world may disagree with them, it is safe to assume that the Bronies are the true rebels of this generation.

Most men today have probably heard it all from their dads who constantly share stories about their craziest experiences back in their days. With all of the stories they heard, one would think who could ever top that? But then they would come across other men who love to watch colorful girly cartoons aimed at little girls. Men who not only watch the show but also are heavily engaged in various activities concerning the show like discussions and conventions? Well, that probably is the ultimate “F U Dad!”

If you have met and have spoken to a brony, they will never tell you that the reason why they watch a cartoon centered on a group of colorful ponies living in Ponyville are all because they want to become rebels. Nothing could be more further from the truth than that. Most bronies do not announce their occupation and some even hide their fandom. You can’t really blame them for that. People throw all kinds of crap at the bronies.

Some people who know about bronies consider them weird and ridiculous. Some people even consider the term ‘brony’ as synonymous to being gay when in fact, according to a survey, 70 percent of bronies are actually heterosexual men.

Instead, when you talk to a brony, they will tell you how good of a show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic really is. According to them, the show has better writers and the theme and plot are constantly developing throughout the seasons.


So the question isn’t why they watch the show but why shouldn’t they watch the show? Why should they not watch a show that makes them happy and they can relate to. Why shouldn’t these people be allowed to be what they want to be and like what they want to like?

Bronies are actually incredible and awesome people that don’t give a damn about what other people may think of them. They are true rebels.

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