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Various Experiences That Can Be Enjoyed In Phuket

One of the best experiences that you should not miss when spending a holiday in Southeast Asia is diving in Phuket, Thailand. You have a wide range of choices from the different diving holiday packages that match every budget. Aside from diving, you can also explore the island of Phuket and experience its beaches and entertainment.

Unlike other diving destinations all over the world, Phuket offers different kinds of adventures during your dive-free days. There are beaches that have remained relatively untouched in spite of the millions of tourists that visit Thailand every year. Beaches in Phuket are very popular because of the crystal clear waters and soft sand. Settled near the beaches are restaurants that offer different kinds of popular Thai cuisine.

Phuket is normally crowded with tourists all year round. Tourists are all over the place including diving sites from November to April because of less chance for rain and storms. Scuba diving opens the door to the underwater paradise with its rich marine life. Phuket offers tourists with a surreal underwater experience of watching whale sharks at close quarters. Phuket is only one of the relaxing getaways where you can enjoy diving or mountain trekking, shopping or bar hopping.

A short distance away from Phuket Town is the night market where you can buy all sorts of things from clothes and local foods. The night market is a popular event for both locals and tourists and it suggested to visit the place later in the afternoon to take a good look at the offerings.

Phuket Old Town is the historically rich part of the island where you can find an abundance of Chinese and Buddhist temples. The town itself is very big but you can easily walk around when you are not on the diving sites.

There is a wide variety of accommodations that suits all budgets. If the goal of your Thailand holiday is diving in Phuket, you can book at a hotel or a guesthouse that is checked regularly to ensure a high quality of service.  Rooms are usually spacious and comfortable with all the modern amenities and facilities to allow you to relax after the diving experience.

An Ocean Adventure Like No Other Filled With Kayaks, Hikes And Mountain Bikes

I recently took a trip to Melbourne, to visit some of my mates at the University of Melbourne. During our time together we did visit the occasional party or two, but what I remember best is the memory-filled weekend when we performed some Melbourne adventure activities along the Southern coast of Australia. I say memory-filled for two reasons. One is that we spent a great deal of time taking pictures, and the second is because we got to see some of the most iconic places off the coast of Melbourne such as the 12 Apostles, nestled rather calculatedly along the coast, and the Loch Ard George.

This trip was also known as the Great Ocean Road tour, and while this usually implies sitting in a bus and peering outside the window for about 12 hours, we had the luxury of actually being out on the Great Ocean Road, and providing ourselves as sights to see for those poor souls locked away in buses. Our trip consisted of three parts as I had explained before, the kayaking, hiking and mountain biking, where all the equipment was provided as part of the tour cost. We started our Melbourne adventure activities by spending some time hiking up to some amazing vantage points where we used our newly bought DSLR cameras to take some amazing pictures. We were able to get some amazing pictures of the sunrise and of some wildlife like deer and raccoons.

We then proceeded to mountain bike our way down, as the trip organizers had brought our bikes up by a different trail which had a road. Most people preferred to stick to the road on the way down, but we were adventurers at heart, Christopher Columbus’ of our own might. So we decided to navigate through the woods with nothing but our mountain bikes, backpacks and our wits. Once we finally reached the meeting point, we realized that the trip organizers had in fact brought us to the coast, and we sure were ready to get on those kayaks and surfboards. I personally chose a kayak, as did another friend of mine, and as seen from the picture we got some amazing shots using the drone cameras that the tour organizers had arranged for.

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