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Tips When Boiler Breaks Down During The Winter

Do not be afraid if your boiler decided to break down in the middle of winter. This guide will help in solving the problem by providing boiler breaking down tips during winter that will help you avoid freezing or damaging your boiler.

  • Monitor the heat. It is important not to leave the heat on zero especially during the cold days because it can negatively impact the heating system since it will work harder in order to reach a warmer temperature. This can be avoided by checking the heating at all times. This will ensure that your boiler will not freeze nor will it break down which can result to unexpected cost in your end if repair is necessary.
  • Make sure that the boiler is on. While this may seem like a funny thing to list down, it is common for people to ignore their boiler. They are not aware that it was already turned off or that the supply of gas as well as electricity has also stopped. It is important to inspect that the supply is good and running and checking that the boiler is actually on. If not, just relight it or manually reset the boiler. You don’t have to panic and call an engineer right away.
  • Dig up the manufacturer’s manual of instruction that came along with your boiler. It is high time you read it again in case it breaks down in the middle of winter.
  • Inspect the pressure. It is common for combi boilers to experience pressure drop thus the boiler will cease to work. Verify that there are no leaks before manually adding pressure through the valve handle. Refer to your boiler’s instruction on how to do this.
  • Let gas out of the radiators. The first sign is that cold patches are present in the radiators. Trapped gas can easily be released by following the manual. If cold patches are still present afterwards, an engineer might need to be contacted to flush the system with chemical.
  • Take care of your boiler. The average working years of a boiler is around 12 years. if yours is already at the end of its line, make sure to keep in mind boiler breaking down tips during winter to ensure you are prepared at all times.


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