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How To Keep Your Gutters Clean And Well-Maintained

Gutter cleaning is important especially if you are in a region that is dominated by a constantly changing weather. But cleaning is only as important when the gutter is intact and fully functional. When you neglect to care for your gutters, you can expect them to get damage or even fall apart. When gutters get damaged, they would not be able to properly direct the rainwater to the drainage. When this happens, your house can be greatly affected due to the water damage that the rain can cause.

You need to properly to care of your gutters and keep them well maintained especially during spring and autumn. You can always hire a cleaning service for your gutters but know that when you clean and maintain them yourselves, you would be saving a whole lot of money. Normally, it is recommended that you clean out your gutters twice a year but the frequency should also depend on the location of your house. If your house is built directly under a tree or if you live somewhere frequented by storms then you should definitely clean your gutters more often. You can easily do this by using a ladder. Unfortunately, if your house is beyond a second story, then you should definitely hire a professional to help you out.

You should always make frequent inspections especially during spring and autumn. Using a stiff brush, you should scrub the dirt away. Blowing them away is also another option. When the debris is too thick, it is recommended that you scoop them up using a garden trowel.

Also, the slope should be inspected and adjusted whenever necessary so that it always connects with the downspouts. Another thing to remember is that the downspout should direct water away from your house. You can add extenders if needed.

Make sure to check the gutters for rust, peeling paint, flaking and leaks. The same goes with the downspout. It is important that they are kept in the best condition possible in order for them to perform at their best. Also, when the gutters are slightly pulled loose, you should remember to secure them once more so that they don’t separate entirely from the house.

Protecting And Preserving The Environment

The natural resources that are being enjoyed by human beings and animals alike are God’s gift. Being a rational inhabitant of this planet, it is man’s duty to take care and preserve these natural resources for the benefit of the younger generation. However, because of the high rate of urbanization and man’s recklessness, the pristine nature is now threatened. Tons of wastes, pollution and abuse in the use of natural resources all result to damaged ecosystems.

The irresponsible acts of mankind towards nature made him suffer more. As Isaac Newton’s law states that for every action there is an equivalent reaction; nature can be harsh when you enrage it. The increased heat that could be felt especially in regions near the Earth’s equator is one of the effects of man’s carelessness. The ozone layer is thinning and could not anymore regulate the amount of heat. Stronger typhoon rains and winds are also felt. This change in climate can be attributed to pollution and rampant cutting of trees.

It is not yet too late to help and preserve Mother Earth. There are environmental groups that have advocated for nature’s preservation. You can join these groups and help Mother Earth heal or start in your own little way.

Helping the environment

You can help by buying recycled materials. If you can reuse an item, then take advantage of using it again. It is said that a ton of recycled papers saves at least 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water and 4,000 kw-H of energy.

Only use what is necessary. Conserve energy and water. Turn off the lights, appliances and faucets if you are not using these. Think of alternative ways to conserve energy. Instead of turning on the air condition, you can open your windows and breathe in fresh air. Store rainwater in barrels and use these during dry season.

By learning and growing in knowledge about the environment, you have a better grasp of the environment’s condition and can find better ways to help save it. Educate yourself all the time. Read articles in magazines, newspapers or on the internet regarding protecting and preserving nature. Importantly, learn to appreciate the beauty of nature. Occasionally spend time visiting national parks, sanctuaries, zoo or gardens. This way, you will realize how precious the gift of nature is.

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