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Know More About Bangkok’s Esplanade Mall

Many people are travelling to Bangkok in order to experience shopping in the country. Aside from its delicious food, Bangkok is known for offering one of a kind shopping experience. One of the most well-known shopping centre in the metropolitan city is the Esplanade. Tourists should stay in a hotel near Esplanade Mall if they want to explore the area and for convenience.

The Esplanade is composed of seven storeys that offer shopping as well as entertainment. The concept of the shopping complex is to provide a novel idea referred to as “artetainment”. It has a lot to offer including restaurants, retails shops, supermarket by Tops, Esplanade Cineplex with 12 screens, bookstore by B2S, Ratchadalai musical theatre that can accommodate 1,500 guests and a Sub Zero rink for ice skating.

The shopping centreis made accessible by the underground MRT station serviced by Thailand Cultural Centre. Anyone, even first time visitors, can easily locate the mall. The exterior of the mall structure shows off unique outlines made from steel and glass material. During night-time, the exterior is made even better with effects from the colourful LED lights installed. The designers of Esplanade are architects based in Paris and they are the same ones who created the design for Malls such as Siam Paragon and The Emporium. The Esplanade can easily compete with luxury malls located in Siam and Sukhumvit.

Consumers looking for big brands that retail beauty products, clothing, electronic gadgets and fashion accessories can easily locate them at the Esplanade. It caters to various fashion trends such as the hip and trendy. Majority of the sports brands are located inside including NYLA, Puma, Rip Curl, Adidas and Geox. Popular electronic gears are also available such as iStudio, Sony, Motorola, Samsung, Pujitsu and many more. Shops offering health and wellness services are welcome to customers who are looking to get fit, to fix their hair or make their nails look good.

Guests who are staying in a hotel near Esplanade Mall will have many options when it comes to food because there are several chains inside, fast food is also available and a supermarket. It is particularly a heaven for people who love Japanese food.

Bangkok’s Must-Experience Foodie Adventures

Bangkok has been touted as an Asian food paradise, a reputation it works hard to hold onto, and, according to many, succeeds in doing so, with more new foodie-attracting experience to the food scene every year. There are many options for those looking for that special food experience to sate their needs, with seaside seafood at Nonthaburi, to a rooftop bar in Sukhumvit, even Chinatown attracting food enthusiasts with their own spin on Thai cuisine.

With so many choices and many places to visit, it comes as no surprise that many people come to Bangkok for the food and the experience. If you’re looking to get a bite of Bangkok’s food scene, here are some places to visit.

  • Sundowner at Rooftop Bars – Vertigo Grill and Moon Bar
    • Bangkok is a city of many high rises, so rooftop bars offer a great way to drink in Bangkok whilst enjoying a delicious meal. One good example is the rooftop bar in Sukhumvit, the Above Eleven. Other options include the Vertigo Grill and Moon Bar at the Banyan Tree, as well as the Lebua, which was featured in the Hangover 2. Panoramic view, good fresh grilled food. For those who want to enjoy a bit of dancing, some rooftop bars turn up the music.
  • Chinatown
    • For those hoping to experience Chinatown, dedicate an entire day for it with so much to do. Bangkok’s Chinatown is seen as one of the largest in the world. The mix-up of Chinese and Thai culture is most evident at this part of the city, with authentic food cooked by street-side vendors. Additionally, there’s old architecture, as well as the world’s largest gold Buddha.
  • The 22-Course Indian Meal at Gaggan
    • The Gaggan restaurant is owned and operated by Chef GagganAnand, and was listed in the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards and World’s Best Restaurants Awards, as #1 and #7, respectively. Needless to say, it’s definitely a must visit. There’s no menu, with only a list of emojis to give its customers a clue of what to expect when they sit down for a meal. The 22-course menu has a lot of offer, and you can meet the head chef himself.

Tips In Choosing A Seafood Restaurant In Danang

Everyone who doesn’t have an allergy to seafood loves to eat seafood. And nowadays, seafood restaurants are scattered all around especially in places that are considered as tourist destinations such as beachfront resorts. If you are traveling to Vietnam anytime soon and you need to find the best seafood restaurant in Danang, below are some of the tips you must remember for you to enjoy and feed your cravings for the freshest and most delicious seafood:

  • The first thing you must consider in choosing a seafood restaurant in Danang or anywhere in the world for that matter is the proximity of the restaurant to the source of the seafood. If the restaurant that you are considering is close to a body of water, like the South China Sea which allows guests to also enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean especially at sunset, this will allow you to enjoy the freshest caught seafood of the day, at any time of the day.
  • The next thing you need to consider is that whether or not the seafood restaurant has a wide variety of seafood dishes for you to choose from. You can do this by checking out their menu which can be found in their official website. This is also to make sure that there’s something to enjoy for everyone in your family because everyone has a different taste in seafood and besides, it’s more fun if you get to enjoy multiple dishes especially fresh seafood, right?
  • One you thing you should never, ever compromise when choosing any type of restaurant for that matter is the quality of the food that they are serving. The quality of the food you will eat at a restaurant can have rippling effects to your health so make sure that the overall quality of the restaurant itself is verified. Keep in mind that a high quality of a seafood doesn’t need to come with a hefty price tag that might give you heart attack. In fact, there are many seafood restaurants in the world right now which can offer a healthy and satisfying line-up of seafood dishes at affordable prices.

Simplicity As The Key To Japanese Cuisine

Being an island nation surrounded by water, Japan has a wide variety of fishes, octopus, eel and shellfish that appear in most of their traditional dishes from sushi to tempura. The ingredients in most Japanese menus are fresh and simple but the preparation and presentation is fabulous. Food is carefully plated and once done, the dish becomes a work of art.

Simplicity is the key in most of the Japanese dishes. The ingredients are fresh with simple flavours and the Japanese chef does very little to the food to bring out the natural quality, flavour and colour. Most of the foods are either served raw, steamed, seared or boiled with very minimal seasoning. The rich flavour or umami in the Japanese language is enhanced through the use of few ingredients like miso, soy sauce, mushrooms, seaweeds and other simple condiments.

A wide variety of condiments is used to add contract to the food and enhance its flavour. It is common for every course to be complimented with light dipping sauces, wasabi, pickles, citrus and soy sauce. Japanese dishes contain a lot of fresh vegetables but it is not exactly vegetarian because meat is also present in some popular Japanese dishes like yakitori (grilled chicken) and gyudon (beef bowl).

Since the Japanese put so much importance on the presentation of food, you will frequently experience food served in antique ceramics and lacquer ware in different colours, shapes and patterns. Even the choice of dishware is influenced by the seasons. For example, a leafy green pattern on your dishware represents early spring. When a server in a Japanese restaurant brings you a course, ask what the dishware means and why it is was selected for the particular course. When the server pours the sake and allows it to spill on the saucer, this means your visit is well appreciated.

The best way to experience Japanese food is to visit the country that has more top rated restaurants than any other city. However, if you cannot travel to Japan, an option is best Japanese buffet in Sukhumvit with the authentic flavours and essence of a traditional Japanese private dining room.

I Want Food In Thonglor!

Condos are the in-thing right now with the hustle and bustle of life, people tend to favour a place where they can just sit and relax with friends and family. They will want a home that is easy to keep where care and luxury will be provided for them. In Thailand, there are quite a number of condominiums, just like in Thonglor.

There are many options of condos in Thonglor. Each of these condos has their own special amenities and services that they are offering. So, the question is, what else would be there to make you want to own a condo in Thonglor like maybe get a unit from TelaThonglor? There are so many factors to consider. One is the scenes, the night scenes, the different activities that can be done in the area, and of course, the food. No worries, there are some of the best restaurants in Thonglor to keep your cravings satiated.

Suppaniga Eating Room

This homey restaurant offers authentic Thai food that is ideally home-cooked and passed on from one generation to another. They want their customers to feel and recollect old flavours and remember their heritage. The recipes they used are from the old days with a twist of contemporary flavours as well. Perfect for family.

Soul Food Mahanakorn

Thai street food at its best. A cocktail bar and Thai restaurant, with good Thai music and best street food. They also have a list of fine wines. Satisfying delicious food, fun venue, and soul. This is what is being offered in Soul Food Mahanakorn.


Simple pleasures provided by good food and the best coffee. Made from the freshest ingredients, comfort food at its best. Made in-house with the best chefs, served with excellent and friendly baristas, pastries baked by pros, a casual day, simple food with exquisite taste.

Food as an important factor in choosing a place to call home. So, when you do choose one condo in Thonglor, you won’t regret it. Aside from the best amenities from the condo of your choosing, you have some of the best restaurants around you to satisfy your palate.

Must Try Traditional Indian Dishes

If you haven’t tried Indian food before or haven’t ventured somewhere in the Indian regions, then you are surely missing out on something. Indian food is known for its exquisite flavor and combination of spices which will make you see India in a new perspective. Its culture and tradition are embedded on the very dish they eat. Here are some traditional dishes one should try:

  • Biryani is the number one most popular Indian food. It is consists of rice mixed with various spices though saffron stands out the most. Combined with the rice is marinated meat which can either be mutton or chicken. This dish is perfect if you have a large family gathering.
  • Chole bhature is a curry dish made of chickpea and full of flavorful spices. This is usually consumed with flour bread which is fried. Can be served as breakfast.
  • If you love dimsum then you will surely love Momos. This dish came from the North Eastern part of the region. It is mostly served together with spicy red chutney. This is perfect if you are looking for a midnight snack because it is light on the stomach.
  • Idli is ideal for those who need something on the heavy side for breakfast. This dish originally came from the south. The batter which has been fermented is made up of lentils and rice that has been fairly grounded. It is then formed into circles before steaming.
  • Rajma which is more common in the northern part of India is made up of kidney beans that are coated with thick gravy sauce. This is best served with rice and eaten on cold days.
  • Gulab jaamun is a dessert made from dried milk and molded into small balls. These are then slow cooked before boiling in a mixture of syrupy sugar.
  • Pani puri is the answer to a craving of every flavor in a single meal. It is mainly a crispy, round bread with a hollow center. The hollow is where the tamarind paste, chickpeas, spiced water, onion and potato are added.

If you are not visiting India anytime soon then it is best to visit the nearest Indian restaurant in your area. For those in Perth, check out

Enjoy Indian Food In Sathorn With Bawarchi Restaurant

Sathorn is one of 50 districts located the Bangkok, Thailand. Although a few tourists comes by and stroll the district, you could still find some great places to hang by if ever you get there. In fact, there are many places where you could shop and have a blast with just a few steps away from where you might be living or staying. If you’d like to Enjoy Indian food in Sathorn, you would also definitely find yourself in some satisfying places like the Bawarchi located in this district.

Bawarchi is very popular in Thailand and it holds a chain of restaurants that’s definitely incomparable to others. Despite the fact that their cuisines is definitely a bit pricey compared to others, the exquisite flavors and overall package that it would serve you would surely make you feel like you have squeezed more benefits from what you have paid for. From the structural components up to their menu, everything will definitely seem perfect and it will definitely amp your experience to a whole new level.

Whether you’re a local resident in the area, or a tourist that just happened to stray by, the Sathorn branch of Bawarchi just located behind the ‘Q’ House Tower is definitely a must-visit. It will satisfy your Indian foods cravings and would definitely leave you with an impression that would make you want to come over and over again.

They have a vast menu that contains starters, main dish, soups, wines and many more. For their starters, they have different, delicious murgh, kebab, a fusion of both and even Tikkas. Their Shorba for their soup categories are also extremely satisfying – giving a hint of spiciness and a heavenly flavor that would turn your appetite on. Their Main Dishes are extremely vast, ranging from vegetarian main dishes up to those which carnivore customers would like – chicken, lambs, seafood, the classic Indian Curry, and a whole lot more, spread through different recipes that you’d surely love. Their desserts and plethora of beverages would also put a great, significant end to your ‘eating’ rage and will complete your meal all in all.

You could definitely Enjoy Indian Food in Sathorn, however, if you’d like to taste the pinnacle of Indian foods, then visit the Bawarchi Sathorn branch and experience the wonderful flavors it would serve you with.

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