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Funeral Practices That Are Deeply Ingrained In Culture

At the heart of every funeral service, there is always a funeral director that will make all efforts to ensure that the funeral arrangements are made according to the wishes of the bereaved family. Funeral directors understand the importance of following customs and traditions when it comes to death and funerals because of the years of experience in the industry.

It is very likely that all the funeral services you have attended are the same. Families and relatives are either dressed in all-black or black and white attires. They take their seats in church, pray and shed some tears. They walk slowly to their cars and line behind the hearse. When they arrive at the graveyard, they place some flowers on the casket before it is lowered to the ground. After the funeral ceremonies they return to the home of the deceased to eat the food that has been prepared.

However, in other parts of the world, funeral services are different. In TanaToraja, Indonesia, funerals are raucous affairs that could last from days to weeks with the involvement of the community. The funeral is lavish but usually families have saved for the long period of mourning.

In New Orleans, there is unique balance between joy and sorrow during funerals. Mourners are led by a marching band playing sorrowful dirges; however, after the burial, the band shifts to an upbeat note. Surprisingly, the mourners join the cathartic dancing which is a part of the event in commemoration of the life of the deceased.

In South Korea, a law that was passed in 2000 requires families to remove the grave of the loved one after 60 years because of the inadequate space in cemeteries. For this reason, cremation became a popular option. However instead of scattering the ashes or storage in cremation urns, families opt to turn the ashes into death beads.

Respect for traditions and culture is observed by funeral services in Sydney. Families can rest assured that all their wishes and requirements will be followed to the letter because the funeral directors understand the importance of varying customs from the wake to the final disposition of deceased.

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