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Why Hotels Near Bumrungrad Hospital Are Advantageous?

When planning a vacation, the last thing that will come to your mind is to hope that something bad will happen to you or any of your companions. However, you can plan ahead and foresee what happens by knowing hotels near Bumrungrad Hospital as a safety measure in times of accidents or mishaps. You never know if you will experience a severe headache or a planned surgery. It is highly advisable to ensure safety especially if you stay near a hospital.

The Bumrungrad Hospital is the biggest private hospital in the whole southeast Asia. They provide the most modern facilities and are manned by well-trained doctors and staff. So why not consider some fun and excitement, while providing yourself safety and security when you are booked in hotels near Bumrungrad Hospital as an accommodation.

However, there is no need to cut back your luxurious accommodation you have in your mind. There are many luxury, boutique and budget hotels which can provide you elegant accommodation despite its location nearby the hospital and the rest of the town. You will just have to check with your travel agent on which areas you can be booked here.

In your search for hotels near the hospital, you are actually saving yourself from harm and danger as the hospital is just nearby. There are five-star and four-star hotels located in the heart of the city, that can provide you modernity and luxury in the highest forms. It’s actually convenient as you are only a distance away from the National hospital which makes it a great option.

Everyone planning a trip to a foreign country will perceive the worst scenarios that can happen to them and how they should overcome it. Accommodations in hotels near Bumrungrad Hospital will provide safety and security, while they indulge in luxury on the accommodation they choose. You only have to step out of the hotel and reach the best restaurants of the city. You can also go swimming at the hotel pools and admire the magnificent rooftop and the nice view.

So choose an accommodation that provides you safety and security when traveling to Bangkok. You can research and study those hotels nearby by using Google maps. Remember that your choice may be best for you and everyone else in the trip.

Facts About Hospital Food And Recommendations

Hospital foods are usually seen on the news these days because people are complaining about the limited options and the not-so health choices. More and more people are choosing the healthier lifestyle thus when they are confined in a hospital they would prefer to consumer healthy food choices. This is where a contract food manufacturing is important because they will be able to prepare healthy food in behalf of the hospital staff.

One of the most complicated issues in the United States is the hospital food management. It is common to see hospitals partnering with food manufacturers – the same ones that are preparing the school lunches in public schools in the country. It is surprising to see that some hospitals in the country even have fast food establishments inside their buildings.

According to the survey conducted by the Physicians for Responsible Medicine, 20 hospitals in America have Chick-fil-A, 18 hospitals have McDonald’s while five of them have Wendy’s inside their establishments.

Every hospital hires their own dietitian and together with the medical staff they should know better what type of foods to prepare. The sad truth is that hospital cafeterias still serve unhealthy food choices such as processed meats, cheeseburgers, cookies, fried foods, soda, sweet drinks and juices as well as packaged snacks. These are foods that contain artificial sweeteners as well as unhealthy ingredients.

Looking at the research results, over 80,000 meals are not eaten in hospitals daily while two out of three hospital staff admitted that they are not willing to eat the same food that the patients are having.

It is better to ask family members to bring food to the hospital if the meals do not have healthy options. There are foods that don’t spoil easily such as salads, fresh fruits, nuts, avocados and veggies with no starch. Sugary breakfast should be avoided including cereals, muffins, sweetened oatmeal, pasta, pancakes and French toast.

When choosing a hospital, choose one with contract food manufacturing that uses natural and organic ingredients. Fresh produces are recommended for recuperating and sick patients. It is important to be an advocate of healthy food in order to improve the current state of hospital foods in the country.

Organic Cleansers Help Keep Your Skin Healthy And Glowing

These days, more women wear make-up to look beautiful and decent. It seems like this is something that they can never do without. Surprisingly, they have realized how using organic skin care products can make a difference over chemical-based commercial cosmetics. Therefore, a remarkable number of manufacturers can now provide natural or organic skin care products. Women can now start using organic cleansers to clean their face and other parts of their body.

So to have a healthy skin that is blemish-free, youthful and smooth, you need the three basic steps to skin care regimen. Therefore, you need to clean, tone and apply moisturizer on your skin. This is simple to do and you need dedication to perfect it. However, you should identify the type of organic cleansers, toners and moisturizers appropriate for your skin type.

Women are now shifting to the natural types of skin care products as they are chemical-free. They are made of pure plant and herbal ingredients, like essential oils and herbal extracts loaded with oxidants and vitamins, that make a healthy skin. To enjoy best results from your regimen, it is right to do all three steps before you sleep at night. Never sleep with your make-up on as it can entice bacterial growth, which lead to skin irritation and pimples.

Why do you need to use organic products in this three stepregimen? Organic cleansers, toners and moisturizers are free from harmful chemicals. Though they are commercially manufactured products, but the organic products are made from herbs and plant extracts incorporated with essential oils. This is probably the reason why they are odorless where no fragrance is used.

Organic products are water-based as compared to commercial types which are oil-based. Another big difference you may encounter with oil-based cosmetics is having the dirt sticking to the pores of your skin. As a result of the application, bacteria can grow on the skin resulting to whiteheads, blackheads, acne and pimples.

If you regularly do the three step regimen using only organic cleansers, toners and moisturizers, you will likely have a healthy skin. This can have your skin smooth and flawless. You also need to use the same brand of cosmetics. There are many trusted brands to buy and it doesn’t need to be expensive.

The Different Kinds Of Ayurvedic Massages

People seeking treatment at ayurveda facilities such as Ayurveda Center in Bangkok should know that an ayurvedic massage is not a single type but it comes in seven different forms. The massage depends on the therapy that is being done on the patient. The massages are employing ancient system used by Indians to balance and make the qi, an energy form, stronger. The ayurvedic methods are also a type of holistic treatment that complements with modern medicine in order to get the desired result. The massages are done through various motions, vibration and pressure with the help of herbal oils. Here are the different types of massages employed in ayurveda facilities.

  • This massage focuses on the head in order to stimulate the nerves that are located in the scalp. The process is done by pouring herbal oil over the head of the patient. It should be performed in a constant flow or what is locally known to Indians as dhara. It is employed when a person is suffering from headache, losing focus and experiencing mental fatigue.
  • This is a full body massage using hot herbal and medicinal oil. During the entire process, the room should have a warm, comfortable temperature. Energy centers on the person’s body are stimulated through applying pressure, motion and targeting pressure points.
  • This type of massage requires a masseuse and another person that will pour warm oil on the person’s body while the massage is underway. The medicated oil to be used is determined by the condition of the patient.
  • Ubtaan and Elakijhi. This massage requires the making of solution from herbs or materials from animals. The treatment is done for people who are seeking to have glowing skin, bettwe skin texture and improve the circulation and nourishment of the body.
  • This massage is done to a person who needs to perspire more. First, medicated oil is applied to the body and pressurized massage is done using small cotton with Njavara inside, a special kind of rice. The cottons are coated with cow’s milk and a herbal paste is applied to the body to help in perspiration.

If you are planning to visit Ayurveda Center in Bangkok, make sure you are familiar with the different massages to know what your body needs.

Signs That You Need To Book An Eye Test Woronora

Our eyes are one of the most important parts of the human body. Why? How can you see the beautiful world that we are living in right now if our eyes are not functioning properly? Aside from being among the important features of the human body, the human eyes are also among the most sensitive parts of the body and they can get damaged easily due to the mere fact that it’s one of the body parts that are not hidden under the skin. They can attract dust, dangerous liquid and other particles even without you knowing it. That’s why our eyes are also among the parts which need our highest level of care and one way to do that is to regularly book an eye test Woronora to make sure that both of your eyes are in good shape especially if you are already past the age of 50.

Now, there are signs in which you should book an eye test Woronora and you should take those signs seriously because if you continuously ignore those signs and not consult an eye specialist, the consequences may be severe and in some instances, it may even lead to permanent loss of eyesight. To help you take care of your precious eyes, below are some of the crucial signs you should watch out for:

  • If you are experiencing frequent eye strains or your eyes are getting tired more often, it’s not a normal thing and it might need to be checked by aneye specialist. You might attribute getting eye strains or tired eyes from allergies, lack of enough sleep or spending hours in front of your computer screens but what if those strains that you are experience are already signs that you have a fatal eye condition? Better have your eyes checked to be sure.
  • At some point, you should not ignore those constant headaches that you are experiencing. If your vision is gradually changing out of the blue sky which makes it hard for you to determine if your eyesight is already on a verge of worsening.

I Want Food In Thonglor!

Condos are the in-thing right now with the hustle and bustle of life, people tend to favour a place where they can just sit and relax with friends and family. They will want a home that is easy to keep where care and luxury will be provided for them. In Thailand, there are quite a number of condominiums, just like in Thonglor.

There are many options of condos in Thonglor. Each of these condos has their own special amenities and services that they are offering. So, the question is, what else would be there to make you want to own a condo in Thonglor like maybe get a unit from TelaThonglor? There are so many factors to consider. One is the scenes, the night scenes, the different activities that can be done in the area, and of course, the food. No worries, there are some of the best restaurants in Thonglor to keep your cravings satiated.

Suppaniga Eating Room

This homey restaurant offers authentic Thai food that is ideally home-cooked and passed on from one generation to another. They want their customers to feel and recollect old flavours and remember their heritage. The recipes they used are from the old days with a twist of contemporary flavours as well. Perfect for family.

Soul Food Mahanakorn

Thai street food at its best. A cocktail bar and Thai restaurant, with good Thai music and best street food. They also have a list of fine wines. Satisfying delicious food, fun venue, and soul. This is what is being offered in Soul Food Mahanakorn.


Simple pleasures provided by good food and the best coffee. Made from the freshest ingredients, comfort food at its best. Made in-house with the best chefs, served with excellent and friendly baristas, pastries baked by pros, a casual day, simple food with exquisite taste.

Food as an important factor in choosing a place to call home. So, when you do choose one condo in Thonglor, you won’t regret it. Aside from the best amenities from the condo of your choosing, you have some of the best restaurants around you to satisfy your palate.

Benefits Of Using A Natural Insect Repeller

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to get bitten by those nagging, pesky, little things called, insects. They are everywhere especially when the place is terribly dirty. You see, they multiply on a way faster rate than humans because they can reproduce anywhere. Now, there are ways to prevent getting those rashes that are caused by insect bites and one of the most commonly-used method is by using an insect repeller. You have to always remember that there are many insect repellers which you can readily purchase at your trusty grocery store or pharmacy. The good news is, there are few manufacturers of natural insect repeller which you can use to replace your conventional insect repellents which might be causing more harm to your skin than good. If you need to be convinced that you need to switch to natural insect repellents, below are the benefits you will enjoy if you do that switch:

  • If there’s one benefit you will enjoy if you use natural insect repeller, it’s the benefit that yes, it works better when you compared to the usual insect repellents especially those that are DEET-based. In fact, natural repellents offer longer protection and more effective on making those mosquitos away because of the presence of oil of lemon eucalyptus. They are also effective fighting off those ticks.
  • If you have a horribly sensitive skin, the more reason you should use naturally-made insect repellents. They don’t do damage to your sensitive skin. They don’t even produce fragrance-like odours which can be irritating to the nose.
  • They smell better compared to conventional insect repellents. This is because of the fact that natural repellents use botanical oils like peppermint oils which give wonderful smell to the skin.
  • Natural insect repellent can help energize your body and even relax your muscle if you regularly apply them.
  • Perhaps the most important benefit you will enjoy if you use one of those natural insect repellents is the mere fact that you can have a peace of mind because these natural repellents are first and foremost, developed by doctors who excel in fighting off diseases which are caused by insect bites.
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