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Interesting Facts About Cockroaches

Many individuals can’t bear the sight of cockroaches because of the germs and bacteria they spread. Homeowners will call pest control in Sydney immediately as soon as they find cockroaches inside the home to prevent them from multiplying. Elimination of cockroaches is not easy and only the experts can safely eradicate the pests without harm to humans, pets and the environment.

Facts about cockroaches that everybody needs to know

  • Cockroaches eat anything from food, fruits, glue and many more. When there is no food source, cockroaches tend to eat other cockroaches to survive. By ensuring that homes are clean and sanitary, the population of cockroaches will be controlled.
  • Cockroaches have existed in this world for a very long time. According to PennState College of Agricultural Science, fossil evidences show that cockroaches have existed for more than 300 years. This means that cockroaches have survived dinosaurs and caveman.
  • The rumours that cockroaches can survive a nuclear explosion are not true. During the Hiroshima and Nagazaki tragedy in 1945, cockroaches were the only survivors because they can endure greater levels of radiation than humans. However, recent tests show that cockroaches cannot survive radiation levels of up to 100,000 rads.
  • Do not ignore cracks on the walls and windows including the small gaps on doors because cockroaches have the ability to squeeze themselves to enter tiny gaps and cracks. Cockroaches have flexible exoskeletons that allow them to flatten their bodies and splay their legs on the sides.
  • DIY eradication of cockroaches does not always work because the pests can survive even without a head. Instead of using their mouth to breathe, cockroaches use spiracles in their body to inhale and export oxygen. Cockroaches are also very fast with running speeds of 1.5 meters per second.

Cockroaches are considered as serious health hazards; hence the need to call pest control in Sydney when you notice cockroach activity in the home. During the spring and summer seasons, you will find plenty of cockroaches in the kitchen, inside cupboards or under the sink where the conditions are more humid and warmer. If you see cockroaches during the day, it is very likely that there is an infestation.

Things To Do For A Successful Sydney Pest Control

Pests and insects in your house can easily damage your property and may even imperil your family and your pet’s health. To avoid spending a sizable amount on structural repairs and to keep your family safe and healthy, it is important for you to find a company that can assist you to conduct Sydney pest control before these pests incur more damages. Aside from that, here are some of the things that you can do to ensure that the extermination process in your area will be successful.

Identify the pests in your area

The exterminators will surely ask for the type of pests inhabiting your house. Be wary of droppings, bite marks, sounds and damages that will help you identify the type of pests around. It would also help if you could determine the entry points, colonies and dwelling areas of pests or insects in your home. To be sure about it, contact a pest control contractor so they can personally inspect your area and determine how they are going to conduct the extermination process.

Look for a reliable pest exterminator

If you have all the information you need, it’s time for you to look for a reputable pest exterminator in your area. You can check the yellow pages for aSydney pest controlservice provider or you can also browse through the internet for more information. You can also ask your friends or neighbours for recommendations. Find out how much they spent for the service and if they were happy with it.

Determinethe company’sextermination method

Before hiring a pest contractor, find out if the company adheres to safety standards when it comes to exterminating pests. The company you should choose must use eco-friendly pesticides and solutions to effectively eliminate pests. Avoid a Sydney pest control company that uses toxic chemicals in the process for they might effectively eliminate pests but they would endanger your family’s health. There are companies that guarantee safety not just of your family but also of your pets. Prefer a contractor that uses environment-friendly solutions along with water-based products to eliminate pests and insects in your area.

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