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Golf In A Kingdom – Thailand’s Collection Of The Best Golf Courses, Golf Clubs, Hotels And Resorts

It is difficult to decide which is the best golf club in Thailand. Other countries offer a handful of courses and clubs, but Thailand boasts of more than two hundred and fifty, which includes golf course resorts and challenging tournament tracks. The venues that make up the prestigious Golf in a Kingdom is the premier golf courses and clubs in Thailand. The Kingdom of Thailand is similar to California in landmass but stretches further north to south, which means the terrain is profound because of the varying climate. This is particularly an exciting news for golfers visiting from other countries. Golf in a Kingdom enables golfers to go to different courses from all over the kingdom, to marvel at the pristine coastlines, tropical jungles, city views and more.


Thailand Tourism has many delights. In its capital Bangkok alone, there are already temples, palaces, kickboxing, river cruises, shopping arenas, restaurants, cosmetic clinics, hotels, resorts and yes, golf courses. Not to mention the countless bars and discos in the night scene. But for business diplomats and expats who could only afford a quick break from their hectic schedule, the city itself is nestled with world-class and distinguished golf courses. If you are a game player and only play for the best, it may become a dilemma to decide because the city holds at least five of the best golf club in Thailand. After a long day at the course, rest or enjoy fine dining in a luxurious hotel. Everything is within an arm’s reach.

Hua Hin

For almost eight decades, affluent Thais have always treated Hua Hin their go-to place for holidays, especially its seaside areas. The place still has the feels of a village while also incorporating modern luxuries. Hua Hin itself have two renowned golf courses.


Located 140 kilometers Southeast of Bangkok, Pattaya is situated on the Thai Gulf. It boasts mostly of pristine beaches and a stunning nightlife. It will take an hour and a half to reach Pattaya by car from the capital city Bangkok. There are three noteworthy golf courses in Pattaya as well.

Nathon Pathom, Phuket and Chiang Mai

Like the previous gems mentioned, they also have their own individual tourist identity that charms foreigners and at the same time, each city holds at least one world-class golf course.


Stunning Southeast Asian Destinations For Weddings And Honeymoon

Destination weddings are a great escape not only for the couples but also for their guests who are looking for a beachside holiday. There are plenty of these great locations in Southeast Asia.


Here are the 4 places great for exchanging vows or having a honeymoon.


Bali, Indonesia

Tanah Lot which is an iconic Balinese temple on a sea is a breathtaking backdrop to hold a wedding in. The sunset views will surely add a depth to the wedding ceremony. Pan Pacific Nirwana is one property in the area that overlooks the site and is a top choice for those wanting to experience Bali’s culture and natural beauty in the wedding photographs.

For the guests, they can visit museums and art galleries or do temple tours.


Phuket, Thailand

With its beautiful beaches having rugged mountain outcrops and its turquoise waters, Phuket is a destination even at any time within the year. Celebrating a wedding here is a dream for any couple. An Avista Wedding Venue in Patong is a great location for those wanting to have their destination wedding in this tropical paradise.

For the guests, activities like elephant jungle treks or Thai cooking classes are something to try too.


Nha Trang, Vietnam

This is the newest destination choice for a wedding or a honeymoon. Even though Nha Trang is a seaside town having skyscrapers and cosmopolitan dining choices, there are some properties away from the busy town with serene surroundings. One of these is the Amiana Resort Nha Trang with its rugged coastline overlooking through hills. Thus, this makes for a quaint location for events like weddings.


For the guests, they can do water activities or visit spiritual sites like the Po Nagar Cham Towers which is a Buddhist worship place.

Pangkor, Malaysia

The beauty of Pangkor is truly legendary. It has pristine beaches and an exclusivity which is a favorite for famous people. Pangkor Laut Resort is a very dreamy place made for special events like weddings.

For the guests, they can do water sports or relax in spas. They can also visit attractions like the Fu Lin Kong and the Dutch fort.


Pattaya As The Perfect Place For A Retirement Or Holiday Home

It is difficult to find a place on earth where you will enjoy tropical climate, golden sandy beaches, warm and happy people, exotic food and different options for entertainment. Pattaya in Thailand offers everything that you are looking for that is why it is one of the popular destinations for retirees and expats who want to enjoy a relaxed and simple life.

Tips in choosing a condo in Pattaya

Many people buy a condo unit for investment. They usually decide based on location, presence of a swimming pool and fitness center and security. However, very few would consider the height of a condo whether it is low rise or high rise. A low rise condo has its advantages. Since it only covers a very small area, there is less panic during an emergency. It will be easier to evacuate a low rise condo than a large structure.

You certainly will not miss the feeling of living in a house because the low rise condo has a larger living space that is closer to the ground. In terms of investment, there are more opportunities to sell units than high rise condos that usually have more than 100 units offered for sale or for rent.

However, a high rise condo allows you a spectacular view from your windows. Since high rise condos can be commonly found near main roads and MRT and BTS stations, it is relatively

easy to reach the city

center. High rise condos are usually designed for elegant and luxurious living. Usually, the facilities are bigger to accommodate more residents.

The choice of a condo is usually a matter of preference. Before you make an investment decision, you have to consider convenience, commitment and the potential for resale and rental. Of course location matters a lot because people prefer to live in a condo where all of life’s necessities are easily accessible.

Pattaya has recently invested in infrastructure to attract the attention of investors to the resort city of Thailand. As you explore the city you will find condo for sale Pattaya that will meet your requirements. There is a wide range of choice among different properties for anyone who is looking for retirement or holiday home.


How To Book Cheaper Hotels The Easy Way

Traveling is a truly rewarding experience if your purpose for it self-discovery, relaxation and exploration. It has been said that a person should at least travel once in his lifetime. But what if you’re broke? What if you don’t have the necessary resources to go on a trip? Resources, like money, nowadays are quite scarce. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can do to travel while still being able to spend less.

The first step to pocket-friendly traveling is securing cheap accommodations. Cheap accommodations don’t actually mean that you would have to sacrifice quality over necessity it just means that you would have to look harder for cheaper hotels. There are a few ways for you to book cheaper hotels easily.

  1. METASEARCH ENGINES. If there is one place you can find cheaper hotels, then that would probably be metasearch engines. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, metasearch engines are, they are websites that allows you to search multiple hotel booking sites all at once. Through metasearch engines you will know which hotels offer the lowest best value rates.
  2. DIRECT CALLS. Once you already have a particular hotel in mind, you should probably give that hotel a call. Know that calling the hotel directly would help you get better deals. This is because since you are calling them personally, the hotel staff would tell you detailed information about the hotel and how accommodation and services are priced. Calling them directly would also help you strike a good deal if you negotiate hard.
  3. CANCELABLE RATES. A good way to save on money is to book on cancelable rates. Remember that rates could change in an instant especially if there are a lot of rooms being filled. When prices fluctuate, it would be best if you had booked cancelable rates so that you could find other pocket-friendly choices. Unfortunately, not all hotels offer cancelable rates. You would just have to try harder to find them.
  4. LAST MINUTE. Booking last minute can be good. If you are looking for a hotel in Tel Aviv late at night, you can assume that most hotels by then would just want to fill a room and because of that, they would be willing to negotiate good prices with patrons.

Ever Wonder How Castles Were Built?

Your visit to Scotland will be incomplete if you haven’t visited the castles in the country. While in the Scotland, you can also look for luxury holiday homes in Scotland where you can spend the night and rest comfortably. There are even luxury homes that are designed after castles.

How much do castles cost?

Construction of castle was an expensive undertaking. During the reign of King Edward I, the royal treasury was nearly bankrupted when it spent around 100,000 pounds in constructing castles in Wales. When building castles, several workers are employed like the masons, quarrymen, carpenters, diggers and blacksmiths. In the entire duration of the castle building, it will employ at least 3,000 workers. The master builder will direct these workers and would take him and his men two to ten years in order to build a single castle.

How were castles constructed?

In order to learn and understand how the medieval castles were built, it is critical to look and study at modern day castle building projects. In an experiment in archaeology conducted by Maryline Martin and Michel Guyot, they assembled some 50 workers of skilled workers, architects and archaeologists in the hopes of building a medieval castle by using the method and materials that were used in the Middle Ages. The project was called Gueledon. The design of the castle was taken from a 13th century castle. It had curtain walls, dry moat, corner towers as well as a very large tower keep. The construction of the experimental castle was started last 1997 and is projected to be completed within 25 years. In the year 2006, the castle project attracted more than 240,000 visitors and the experimental project cashed in more than 2.6 million dollars.

The materials used to build the castle were clay soil, oak trees and stone that were located near the construction site. The workers used the techniques that people in the 13th century used. In order to split the stones for the walls, the workers read the face of the rock to determine where the lines will fracture. The structure may not yet be complete but it surely gives idea to people how the centuries-old castles were built.

How I Learned To Sail In The Canary Islands

Last month, I was able to visit all the islands of the Canaries and soak up some sunshine. Sailing is one invigorating sport that I love particularly because I can become an active participant. I leaned sailing at Rya Sailing School so that I can be intimately familiar with all aspects of sailing and how everything else affects the experience.

Sailing has given me a sense a fulfillment because it allows me to pit my wits against different elements. Not all sailing holidays can be smooth and simple. It is important to learn how the boat will be affected by sudden changes in the environment. It also goes without saying that the active nature of sailing provides me the physical and mental exercise I deserve after sitting on my office desk for most part of the year.

Learning to sail is not actually complicated because there are beginner sailing courses within the Canary Islands itself. The short course ran for three days and introduced me to the basics of sailing and seamanship. It also gave me the opportunity to explore the islands of Tenerife, La Gomera and Lanzarote.

Our base was San Miguel Marina at Tenerife which is just a few minutes’ walk from all the amenities that the island has to offer. You will be surprised that in spite of the remoteness of the Canary Islands, it was teeming with tourists particularly La Gomera. It has that traditional holiday atmosphere with bars and nightlife.

One of the first things I suggest to people who might be reading my experience is to combine your holiday with a short sailing course at Rya Sailing School. You can start learning how to sail on a small sailboat so that you can be an active participant on your next sailing holiday. Make sure though to be informed on weather conditions not unless you want some challenges.

Sailing is definitely invigorating with the white sails billowing against the clear blue skies and the brisk feel of the wind on your face and the gentle motion of the boat as it sails through the waters. It is definitely an experience that you should never miss in your lifetime.

You Choose What You’re Heart Wants

Phuket is not a big island, but every inch of the place is worth seeing. Tourist who visits the area are fascinated by the different views it have and the satisfaction it brings to your heart. If you are a traveler as well as a businessman you might want to know property for sale and rent in Phuket.

One of the biggest factors in determining where to rent or buy a property is your taste. When you are having a vacation, you might want to rent a place or even buy a property near the places where your interests are located. A tactical area to do business and enjoy for you to fully use every available resource you have.

Some people wants to enjoy night clubs and shopping centers to somehow lessen their stress and problems in life. These persons needs the company of many people to forget about everything and enjoy up to their hearts content. The perfect place in Phuket to rent or buy a property is in a town called Patong. But compared to other towns, transport fee is more expensive here however, there are free transport shuttles which follow a schedule.

If you need a quiet place to relax and reflect then the best town for you to look for a place to rent and even buy is in Kamala. This is where you can hide from the world. Away from the crowded places. It is one of the largest towns in Phuket that is a 25-minute drive from Patong. It is not very famous for tourist, but this town attracts retirees and foreign residents which like beautiful beach. This also has a fantasy theme park where you can enjoy and spend quality time with your family, friends, and special someone.

Phuket is full of amazing views and sceneries which can satisfy the things you’re looking for. And it can be quite confusing what to choose. This is the reason why you need to know the strategic location for you to rent or buy a property in Phuket that will literally make your heart sank. For you to know the advantages and disadvantages of the places you plan to stay.

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