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How To Choose Cremation Urns

After the cremation, the family of the deceased needs to collect the ashes in order to carry out what they have decided upon in relation with the ashes. An important item at this point is the cremation urns where they can place the ashes of their loved ones. When shopping for an urn, here are some ideas to get the right one:

  • Find out the size of your needed urn. If you are not sure about the information, ask the crematorium for ideas. An average remains weigh 3 to 7 pounds and would need a 180-220 cubic inch urn to contain the remains. If you are planning to keep the urn in a columbarium, ask the authorities for the size and type of urn that they allow.
  • There are different types of cremation urns. There are various designs, colors, sizes and materials that they are made of but at the end of the day, your decision as to what you are going to do with the ashes should be considered. For instance, if you are planning to place the urn inside your house, choose an elegantly designed urn which is made of high quality material. However, if you intend to bury the ashes along with the urn, you can go for biodegradable types for it naturally decompose later on.
  • Choose the right design when shopping for a cremation urn. There are urns that are made for couples or companion urns while there are those that are designed for infants. Some cremation urns are designed to suit the hobbies or personalities of the deceased so there are urns that connote religiosity, sports, environmental and other themes.
  • Families who choose to scatter the ashes usually keep a part of the remains in small token urns. Choose token urns that are made of high quality materials to ensure that you could keep the ashes for the longest time.
  • When choosing a cremation urn, take into consideration where you are going to place it. A wooden urn would not be suitable if you would place the urn outdoors. Brass urns, on the other hand, are not suitable to be buried.

Choosing Between A Traditional Image And Frameless Canvas Print

Photographs have become important elements of interior design whether it is a family portrait or a photograph of an appealing landscape you took while on an overseas vacation. The traditional way of displaying your most memorable photographs is to have them printed on paper and then placed in a beautiful frame.

Photographs printed on paper have its own aesthetic appeal and can be used as work of art on your walls. Even in the absence of color, black and white prints of your favorite photographs allow you a sophisticated and classy piece of art fitting for any room. However, when you require a larger size of the photograph so that it will be suitable for your living room, the price might be a little bit expensive. It is also difficult to find a suitable frame that can match the photograph as well as the décor of the home.

In the painting world, artists prefer canvas over other materials because it has a wonderful surface for oil paint or acrylic. Besides that, canvas is lightweight and more affordable. Recently, canvas has become a medium for printing photographs because of the introduction of inkjet printers and new formulations of canvas material.

After printing an image on canvas, you simply wait for 24 hours to pass to make sure that it is thoroughly dry. You can use a double-coating of protective spray against UV rays and undesirable elements that may harm the print. Large prints measuring 40” by 100” can be easily achieved through canvas at a more economical cost than paper. You do not even need a frame because canvas can be stretched to create a finished product with consistency and quality color. A frameless canvas will look good on your walls and can blend with any type of décor.

However, at the end of the day, it is still your personal preference and taste that will dictate on the kind of Wall Art Prints that you want displayed on a room. Some people may prefer the frameless look because it can be displayed without requiring a specific type of lighting but you may prefer a classy frame for your paper print to achieve a traditional look.

Natural Skin Treatment For Your Acne Problem

If you have had persistent problem with acne ever since and haven’t found a solution after dozens of checkups with doctors and dermatologists, it is time to go down the natural route. Many people are hesitant to use natural products because these are not usually advertised as much as over-the-counter medicines or expensive derma treatments. It is important that as you apply these natural skin treatments to make sure that you watch what you are eating. Processed foods should be avoided and eat only fresh foods and produce. A blood test is also recommended to ensure that you do not have any vitamin deficiency. Lastly, determining if an allergen is causing your acne problem is also important so you can avoid it. Now, let’s move on to the natural acne remedies you should try:

  • Baking soda. This is one of the most common ingredients found inside the house. It helps prevent breakouts as well as reduces the possibility of any inflammation. It exfoliates and aids in eliminating dead skin cells on your face. If you have marks or scars due to acne, this can actually help. All you have to do is a mix a few teaspoon of baking soda with warm water until it has a paste-like consistency. Apply all over the face like a mask. For first timers, 10 to 15 minutes will do and leave on time maybe lengthen ones you have been used to the solution.
  • Apple cider vinegar. This is a good natural remedy because of it is antibacterial as well as antifungal. Application should be done as follow: mix a few teaspoons of the apple cider vinegar with water for a diluted mixture. It may then be applied to the face directly.

Coconut oil. Like the apple cider vinegar, it is also antibacterial and antifungal. It will help moisturize the skin and reduce inflammation. All you have to do is apply the oil directly and massage gently. You can do this a few times a day if desired. It is recommended to use only organic versions when trying out any natural skin treatment.


Your Checklist When Visiting Koh Samui

A trip to Thailand is not complete without stepping into one of the most well-known islands in the country, Koh Samui. It is a beautiful island with beaches lined with palm trees and the water is crystal clear. Because of the charm it holds, it is visited by many travellers such as backpackers on a budget or the elite celebrities on holidays. If this is your first time visiting, make sure to bring with you this checklist to have a guide on what you should do while on the island of Koh Samui.

  • Big Buddha temple. This is the most popular and well known landmarks that can be found on the island. The temple displays a statue of Buddha that is 12 meters tall in a sitting position. The temple is known by the locals as Wat Phra Yai and it can be reached through the causeway from the main island. The statue is made of gold and it is seated with a Mara position which is a symbol that indicates Buddha is not subjecting to any temptations. You can shop at the small stalls situated all over the temple.
  • Hin Ta and Hin Yai. You might find many interesting things while on the island but nothing beats the beauty that the rocks present. According to the locals, it has been many years since they discovered the rocks and they were shocked to see that it resembles the private parts of male and female. The rocks were bestowed the name Ta meaning grandpa and Yai which means grandma.
  • Namuang waterfall. If you are aiming to witness beautiful sceneries, do not miss the jungle setting of these two waterfalls. They are called Na Muang 1 and Na Muang2. The water from Na Muang 1 goes straight into a pool where the people can go and swim. The good news is that you can access the falls without having to pay anything. This is a nice change from the usual day swimming on the beach.

Samui Aquarium. While you might be tempted to stay at your beachfront villa in Koh Samui, remember that there are many sights to see such as the animals living in the Samui Aquarium. You will also get to witness a Tiger Show.


How To Boost Confidence With Hair Extensions

Do you remember the time you had a bad haircut or even just a bad hair day? You feel so awful you wouldn’t even want to go out of the house. If only you could stay in your room until your hair grows back to its previous glory. These days, you no longer have to be a temporary hermit when your haircut does not suit your taste. All you have to do is have those hair extensions and replace your hairstyle whenever you feel like it. Here are steps to get hair extension so you can style your hair all you want.

Check online or offline sources

The first thing you need to do if you want some hair extension is to check the internet for ideas. Visit different websites for hair styles for hair extension ideas. You will also get information elated to hair extensions such as their average price, the different suppliers, colors that would suit your current hair color and so on. You can also visit your hair stylist or local hair salons for ideas. Hair salons have catalogues that you can browse.

Order your preferred style

When you are already sure what type of hair extension are you going to buy, you can start coordinating with your preferred vendor or supplier. To reduce your costs, buy in bulk for less delivery fees. You can also look for suppliers that offer free delivery to further bring down your hair extension expenses. You can purchase suppliers that are near your location because there is a higher chance that they will deliver the items for free or at least, for a minimal cost unlike international shipping.

Strut like a model with your hair

When you have your much awaited hair extensions, it is now time for you to wear them to different occasions and mesmerize your friends and colleagues. The good thing about Russian hair extensions is that they can be attached to your natural hair in a matter of few minutes and can be easily removed in seconds. That’s how convenient hair extensions are.


Expert Tips In Carpet Cleaning

No matter how clean you are inside the house, your carpet will inevitably become dirty over time. It will be subjected to drops, accidental spills and whatever dirt your shoe wear has on it. Here are some expert tips from professionals regarding carpet cleaning.

  • If your carpet got stained, blot it and do not rub. Dabbing can be done with a cleaning solution using a sponge or a clean cloth. Blotting will put a little pressure on the stain so it will be easily absorbed. If you rub, the stain will more likely get into the carpet fibres which will damage it faster. Blotting of the stain should be inward because outward direction will spread it instead.
  • Club soda is an effective stain remover for beer and wine but it should be used properly. This should be done by blotting the stain with a cloth damp with soda. If the stain is stubborn, make a spray with one part water and one part white vinegar. Use it on the stain and leave it for 15 minutes. Using a clean sponge, remove the remaining solution and stain from the carpet. Repeat if the stain is still there.
  • The most common stains will be easily removed by using a shaving cream. All you have to do is put the shaving cream directly and leave it for 30 minutes. After it has set, use clean cloth to blot away the stain. Use the same white vinegar and water solution to completely clean the stained area.
  • If you accidentally stepped on a chewing gum and brought it home to your carpet without realizing until it is too late, there is an easy solution. All you need is a few ice cubes. Apply on the gum for 30 minutes and this will eventually freeze. Use a spoon to remove the gum, cut out the fabric that is stuck to it.
  • If you happen to have grease stains on your carpet then all you have to use is a dishwashing detergent that is ideal for grease cutting. This will act the same way as you wash you dishes. Mix with water and spray the solution on the stain.

If you have stubborn stains or carpet problems which cannot be resolved by the above solutions then contact a professional carpet cleaning in Perth.


Thinning The Crown Of A Tree

Tree thinning involves the selective elimination of a tree’s branches in order to minimize the crown density.

More about the process of thinning

Thinning is a common practice of pruning on trees which are mature. This method allows the air to pass through the pruned section of a tree’s crown. This temporarily improves sunlight to penetrate to the ground and also improves a tree’s durability during a storm. The best use of thinning comes as a way to reduce the mechanical stress on some limbs from wind, ice, snow or gravity especially on branches that have structural defects like hollows, cavities or cracks and on long, overextended or co-dominant branches.


The reasons for the practice of thinning

Tree thinning is done in many places since the tree owners or arborists think that this needs to be done on trees. Other reasons are also because they like a thinned crown’s appearance or tree thinning is just a traditional pruning method in a specific place or region. In regions where storms are rare, thinning is also rarely practiced compared to those regions that commonly experience storm related damages on trees.

Even though thinning an entire tree is useful, it is best to consider structural pruning before doing so. Actually, structural pruning is a better way to thin. To approach structural pruning practically starts with reducing defects then thinning to balance and shape until the wanted crown aesthetic. Aside from avoiding damages from storm, thinning an entire tree is mostly just an aesthetic practice lasting for shorter periods.


Some thinning precautions

Sadly, there are many people that prune trees even though it is not needed. Also, they might also misapply and misunderstand the concept of thinning, and they also believe in the practice of removing those branches only from the crown’s interior. This is sometimes called as overlifting, lions-tailing, cleaning out, stripping out the interior or overthinning. Only a little or even nothing is removed from the limbs’ ends which is a mistake. Lions-tailing (seen below) will result to structural weakness. This might be done due to the easier generation of big brush piles on a ground. It also seems that those who are performing this are asking for more from an unaware customer due to the great amount of brush seen on the ground.


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