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Key Traits Of Latin Women

Latinas are the most stereotyped women. They are often cast as gold diggers, hungry for your money. But the truth is entirely different. These beautiful women are lively and feisty. They are proud of their origins and love to show it off.

Here are a few key traits I have observed in most latin women around me

  • These women are beautiful and love to dress up. They do not dress up to impress others but do it for themselves. They express themselves through fashion, music and dance.
  • Latinas are good cooks. They treat cooking as an art and eating food is an experience.
  • The most typical stereotype of these women is that they are not skilled and educated. The modern women work very hard to beat the odds and like to celebrate their success.
  • A Latin Woman is very picky about the people around her. But once you enter her life, she will love you passionately. She will be on your side to support and lift you up during tough times.
  • Latinas love to show off. They are very expressive about their feelings and shower their partners will all the love and affection. Other cultures might feel it too showy, but Latinas need to show off to the world. They celebrate the relationship by showing it off to the world.
  • Latin women suffer hard for their loved ones. Their physical health gets low, when they are disturbed emotionally or are concerned for a loved one.
  • The best characteristics of Latinas are being honest and bold. They love to listen, but know exactly when to speak up. They may appear submissive but they are sticklers for respect.
  • As these women are very passionate about their beliefs and values, they swing to the extremes. They have to learn the act of balancing to be successful in life.
  • The latin women love their families, friends and partners very hard. They take care of all their relationships in a very loving and caring way. They expect the same from their partners. They love to be taken care of in a very loving manner.

Rules In Employing Wedding Catering In Sydney

Below are some of the basic rules you must remember when you are planning your wedding and you are considering employing wedding catering in Sydney which can offer various catering services depending on the budget and the type of wedding that a couple is planning to hold:

  1. The first rule in basically, everything in life, is to plan how much you are willing to spend. Never ever go to a caterer within the city without knowing the budget limitation that you have set for the catering for your wedding. You see, if you already have a workable budget for the catering alone, it will make things easier for you. It will help you choose which catering company you are going to hire and also, it will enable the company to plan out the menu according to your requests and the budget that you are willing to pay for. Having a readily available budget can help the caterer put together a viable options for your catering needs which can also depend on your choice of the venue, the wedding style and, motif of the wedding itself.
  2. Coordinate immediately with the venue you are considering and ask for recommendations and requirements for the catering. Some venues have their own in-house caterers but they also allow outside caterers as long as the corkage fee is properly paid. You see, the choice of the venue for your wedding reception will dictate how the caterer will place the buffet table and other catering essentials within the venue in such a way that it will not look too crowded.
  3. When you are considering employing professional wedding catering in Sydney and in other major cities in the world, always make it a habit to ask for multiple proposals from the caterer that you are talking to right now. This will allow you compare the costs and, the menu options for each specific number of guests. That’s why it’s also important that when you approach a caterer, you already have a more or less, fixed number of guests that you are planning to invite because that will allow the caterer to work out options that are workable for you and your budget.

A Koh Samui Wedding Of Your Dreams

Koh Samui is one of the biggest islands located in Thailand. This island is located in the Gulf of Thailand by the east coast. It is best known for its white sand beaches and turquoise waters. And, this is what makes it a great holiday destination. Koh Samui is also less crowded compared to Phuket. It offers a more private and calm atmosphere in general but also enough amount of night life and entertainment.

Koh Samui is also considered as a top romantic wedding destination in Thailand.

Popular Wedding Venues

There are numerous venues all over Koh Samui for that wedding of your dreams. To make it easier, here are three venue categories you are likely to find in the island.

Beach wedding

With the island’s beautiful beaches, it is no doubt that it offers the best weddings by the beach. The most popular and fitting venues are in Lamai and Chaweng. These are the most famous beaches in the island. When it comes to scenery or accommodation, they surpass every other beach. Therefore, you will not worry about your guests’ conveniences.

There are also other beaches in the island. It might not offer the best beach, but it can offer privacy. So, it really depends on your specific preference.

Private villa wedding

If you are looking for luxury and privacy, a private villa wedding is for you. There are a lot of private luxury villas available for your dream wedding.

Aside from maximum privacy, a private villa wedding can get you to be more creative. Although villas might have lesser staff to help you, there are always wedding planners who deal with catering and all other details. Then, you will be able to achieve that wedding in a great place with great arrangement.

Hotel wedding

A hotel wedding is the best way for you to go if you want a hassle free ceremony and reception. This is because hotels and resorts have the experience and service.

They can bundle a package of wedding venue, wedding ceremony, decoration, reception food, accommodation and probably a honeymoon package, too. A hotel in Koh Samui can also offer a professional wedding planner when requested.

Advantage And Disadvantages Of Having A Wedding Coordinator

Weddings are happy and joyous events but the planning process which can take months or more than a year can be stressful in so many ways. You might want to handle everything to make sure that every detail is right but another option is available, hiring a professional to help. If you are not sure whether to hire a wedding coordinator or not, here are the advantages and disadvantages to help you decide.


  • If you have never been involved in wedding planning before then you might be surprised at the amount of tasks that need to be done. A professional wedding planner has the experience and knowledge which will ensure that every small detail is looked into.
  • For a bride who is getting married in a city where she does not live, planning can be hard. Hiring a local wedding coordinator is a blessing in disguise because they know the local market, the right vendors to go to and they already have a network of suppliers they can contact right away.
  • You will be able to do your daily activities without having to cancel things because you have a lot on your plate. A wedding planner’s time is paid so they will spend every minute of it making sure that they have contacted vendors and tackled every tiny detail.
  • During the wedding day, you won’t have to worry a thing because any problem that might arise will be handled by the wedding coordinator.



  • There are different kinds of people and if you are the one who loves to take everything under control and do everything on your own then you might have a hard time giving some of the tasks regarding one of your most memorable days to the wedding coordinator. Some wedding planners are comforted by this fact because planning is more seamless with someone who is hands on. You have to determine though if you are comfortable with the setup or not.

Hiring a Wedding Coordinator in Sydney is an added cost. Some will help you save money in the long run but it is quite hard if your budget already reached the maximum. You also have the option to hire a coordinator on the day of the wedding to make sure everything is handled seamlessly.


Stunning Southeast Asian Destinations For Weddings And Honeymoon

Destination weddings are a great escape not only for the couples but also for their guests who are looking for a beachside holiday. There are plenty of these great locations in Southeast Asia.


Here are the 4 places great for exchanging vows or having a honeymoon.


Bali, Indonesia

Tanah Lot which is an iconic Balinese temple on a sea is a breathtaking backdrop to hold a wedding in. The sunset views will surely add a depth to the wedding ceremony. Pan Pacific Nirwana is one property in the area that overlooks the site and is a top choice for those wanting to experience Bali’s culture and natural beauty in the wedding photographs.

For the guests, they can visit museums and art galleries or do temple tours.


Phuket, Thailand

With its beautiful beaches having rugged mountain outcrops and its turquoise waters, Phuket is a destination even at any time within the year. Celebrating a wedding here is a dream for any couple. An Avista Wedding Venue in Patong is a great location for those wanting to have their destination wedding in this tropical paradise.

For the guests, activities like elephant jungle treks or Thai cooking classes are something to try too.


Nha Trang, Vietnam

This is the newest destination choice for a wedding or a honeymoon. Even though Nha Trang is a seaside town having skyscrapers and cosmopolitan dining choices, there are some properties away from the busy town with serene surroundings. One of these is the Amiana Resort Nha Trang with its rugged coastline overlooking through hills. Thus, this makes for a quaint location for events like weddings.


For the guests, they can do water activities or visit spiritual sites like the Po Nagar Cham Towers which is a Buddhist worship place.

Pangkor, Malaysia

The beauty of Pangkor is truly legendary. It has pristine beaches and an exclusivity which is a favorite for famous people. Pangkor Laut Resort is a very dreamy place made for special events like weddings.

For the guests, they can do water sports or relax in spas. They can also visit attractions like the Fu Lin Kong and the Dutch fort.


Thailand – A Romantic Destination For Your Wedding

If you are planning on a destination wedding, Thailand is one of your best options. The beautiful beaches of Thailand can be the ideal setting for your wedding because nature will be your backdrop. You needn’t even think of expensive décor since the flowers of Thailand are more than enough to create a romantic atmosphere. With more than 3,000 miles of coastline, there is always an available beach for the romantic event.

Destination weddings in Thailand are becoming very popular because it easier to plan and execute. Thailand has pre-designed wedding packages that are created by expert wedding planners. All the components required to achieve a perfect wedding can be provided for a highly affordable price. The wedding planner takes charge of the wedding preparation and all you need to do is make a few decisions.

Destination weddings in Thailand have become more affordable because you only need to pay for a resort stay and the wedding package. The family and guests who will be invited to the wedding can pay their own way to Thailand as well as their accommodations not unless you have the money to splurge for their expenses. Beach resorts in Thailand are more than willing to offer discounts when a certain number of rooms are booked with a honeymoon arranged on the same venue.

Instead of confusion and drama on the wedding day, the big event will be more relaxed. All the stresses and worries regarding the wedding will disappear once you behold the beauty of the Thailand beaches and resorts. Instead of staying overnight for the wedding, many of the family and guests will surely decide to extend their vacation to enjoy the island. The best relaxation can be enjoyed along the beautiful beaches of Thailand.

Thailand Wedding Photographer will ensure an affordable video and photo coverage of your wedding. You can request for unlimited photographers from the preparations up to wedding reception. You also have the option of pre-nuptial photographs with the beautiful landscape of Thailand as your backdrop. The excitement and romance will be fully documented so that you always look back to the wonderful memories of your wedding.

Factors To Consider When Booking A Limo For Your Wedding

If you are planning to book a stretch limo through Limousine Royalty, make sure to do so months in advance. When I booked a limo for my wedding I almost did not make it because almost all the white stretch limos available were already booked for proms, conferences and other special events and I had to settle for the white 1961 Rolls Royce Phantom.

Making a choice for a wedding limo can be intimidating because there are so many models and brands available and they all look so luxurious. I was really overwhelmed with the beauty and magnificence of the wedding limos and I did not think twice on hiring one for my wedding.

Price certainly matters considering that having a wedding is expensive enough. Hiring a limo means you are trying to be impressive but will you arrive to your wedding riding a standard white car that has seen better days? A wedding is typically a once in a lifetime event which means you have all the right to splurge. Make sure though to shop for quotes so that you will gain the best value for your money.

The reason why wedding limos is the trend is not because of comfort or luxury but because it looks cool and impressive.  A limo can easily create an impression among your guests and they will only be too glad to have their pictures taken with the limo on the background. For most people, it is not common to attend a wedding where the bridal party drives to church in a stretch limo.

Don’t go for last minute reservations and make sure you inspect the car before you plan to book. If the purpose is just to drive you to church and then to the wedding reception, it might be more cost effective to hire a limo that does not include high end amenities like flat screen television and sound systems. After all you will be too excited to get married to consider watching a movie.

It also makes sense to do a little research on the limo provider. Make sure they are insured and licensed with reliable and trustworthy chauffeurs.

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