Chiang Mai Restaurants Worth A Visit

Chiang Mai is known for being a cultural centre in Northern Thailand, as well as a hub for travellers in that region. It’s also got quite a bit of a cuisine scene, with various restaurants offering food from a wide range of cultures, with exceptional quality and exceptional service, to match. Of course, there’s also some more local options, which provide a more Chiang Mai appropriate experience for those looking for it. Whether you’re looking for the best French restaurant in Chiang Mai, or hoping to enjoy the local meals, these restaurants are worth checking out.

  • DK David’s Kitchen at 909
    Located at
    : 113 Bamrungrad Rd., Wat Kate, Riverside

    • One of the finest restaurants in the city, and a good option for those looking for the best French restaurant in Chiang Mai, with its European inspired menu, with options for Thai and fusion food available as well. The head chef used to work at Chiang Mai’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel before partnering with David to create this restaurant, which was originally located at 909.
  • Dash Restaurant
    Located at:
    Muang Road Soi 3, Mueang Chiang Mai District

    • A stop for those looking for a quiet Thai meal, the Dash Restaurant and Bar is located on a small lane in the quiet part of Old Chiang Mai. Alongside traditional Thai cuisine, the wooden house with a patio, given atmosphere by a live band, make this a popular stop. For those looking to learn about Thai cuisine, the restaurant also has cooking classes.
  • The Good View
    Located at:
    13 Charoenrat Rd.

    • A restaurant offering a menu composed of Thai, Japanese and other international dishes alongside what it’s name would suggest, the Good View restaurant is a riverside restaurant with a wooden interior and an al fresco garden with a, you guessed it, good view of the Ping River.
  • The Gallery
    Located at:
    25-27-29 Charoenrat Rd.

    • A unique restaurant, the Gallery, as its name would imply, is catered to the more artsy diner, combining the visual stimulation of arts and crafts with the fulfilment of cuisine. This particular venue isn’t hard to spot, as large neon signs sit on its facade, designed to draw in potential customers. The curry and the fish in this restaurant is well-talked about.
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