Designing Your Web Site As Though An Expert

Web design services Perth is an industry that has been embraced by computer geniuses. It is in this niche that their artistic side is explored. With a lot of web designs out there, you would want your own web page to stand out from the rest. Here are some tips for you to do so:

  • Ensure that you have a polished and professional logo which is linked to your home page. Your company logo is a very important part of your business branding. Make sure that it is prominently located in your website. Also, use a high resolution image for your logo and feature the design in the upper left corner in every web page. Experts also recommend that you link your logo in every web page to the home page so that the visitors can easily navigate.
  • Make use of intuitive navigation. The primary navigation bar is usually placed in a horizontal bar on the top of the website. Provide a secondary options bar underneath the primary navigation tool bar in the left side of the web page. The intuitive navigation is important in that confusing navigation layouts usually have people quitting a web page rather than trying his best to figure things out.
  • Maintain a clean webpage. If you take a look at most of the websites today, they usually are overloaded with images. This can be annoying to the user. In order to keep visitors scanning your website, ensure that there are no competing call to action buttons or visual clutters like graphics and unnecessary animated gifs in your web page. You can also consider limiting the link and options so that the visitor can focus on key navigating tools. When you streamline web pages, keep the paragraphs short.

Give the visitors breathing room. Give enough space in between paragraphs as well as images so that the reader has time to breathe and absorb the details and features presented in every web page. When you learn the art of controlling the white spaces in the layout, you can keep your visitors focused and guided.


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