Electrical Safety Tips; The What’s, The Who’s, The Why’s

Electricity is a lot like fire; we don’t know where we’d be without it, it’s powerful, it’s useful, and it’s bloody dangerous in the right (or wrong) situation. This is why sparkies take their job seriously, there are lives on the line when it comes to their work.

Unfortunately, Australia still sees an average of 15 deaths due to electrical accidents, with hundreds more sent to hospitals to be treated for injuries caused by similar electrical accidents; preventable electrical accidents, if the proper safety was maintained at all times.

So what about the customer? What should they do to be safe when it comes to the jolty stuff? Here are some helpful tips.

  • First off, the sparky has to be licensed.
    • Electricity, to put it bluntly, doesn’t give a damn who it hits. That’s the thing, it just goes for the path of least resistance. There’s a reason countries all over the world have such strict safety standards; even a humble electrician in Morningside has to meet the same standards as global electric companies, and for good reason. A licensed electrician will do whatever they have to in order to ensure these safety standards are met, which is why you should only get a sparky if they’re licensed. A licensed sparky will provide peace of mind, as you know they’ll do the job right.
  • Now you have a sparky, what should they be doing?
    • Electrical problems are inconvenient, you don’t need an electrician in Morningside to tell you that. However, as we’ve mentioned before, electricity is dangerous. In case you’re wondering here’s a small list of things you should never do on your own:
      • Repair appliances;
      • Replace a light switch or power point;
      • Working on wiring, whether installing new ones or working on existing ones;
      • Changing the plug on a lead, and others;
    • These tasks seem simple and straightforward, but there’s actually a lot of risks when it comes to dealing with these unprepared. Sparkies are licensed and trained to deal with these issues, ensuring the safety of everyone in the vicinity. There are, however, some tasks you can do in your house, here are some of them:
      • Resetting a circuit breaker or safety switch;
      • Changing a light bulb;
      • Replacing a fuse, among others;
    • First.
      • At the end of the day, regardless of whether a sparky is the one working on an issue or it’s simple enough to deal with yourself, remember to do these things only when the power’s off, whilst still taking extreme care as well as using common sense. Remember, safety first.

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