Enjoying The Awesome Waters Of Perth

People have different perceptions of Perth but personally, I love the way of life here; lots of sun, water, food, wine and friendly people. Yesterday, we took a boat down the river where we treated to a great view with display homes for sale that captivated my attention. Beautiful waterfront homes with marinas show just how prosperous Perth is. It looks like it is living to its image as the new hotspot for the super rich. One of the houses was impressively large and would probably cost several million dollars.

We can see a lot of development going on in Perth including new apartments because of the mining boom. Perth and Western Australia is known for mining and minerals being one of the top gold producers in the world. No wonder the city seems so wealthy. The display homes for sale exemplify the quality of life in Perth and it looks like everyone is getting rich.

Perth is a beautiful city but it is not a bustling metropolis along the lines of London and New York. It boasts of an attractive pedestrian shopping area with the business center next to it. However, it is not business that brought us to Perth but to spend time at the beach and enjoy the warm summer. When we got to beach, there were several choices: to walk along the beach, watch the lifeguards training, play beach volleyball, surf on the gentle waves or take a boat ride. We chose the later because it was something that most of us have to experience. Surprisingly, there is ample parking and it is free. Without a car, you can easily reach the beach by train or bus. You needn’t even leave the city.

There are lots of accommodations that are close to the beach but I would not mind staying in one of the gorgeous beach houses. They all look awesome but I guess I can’t afford the price. Perhaps, when I retire, I will look for a small place to live near the beach that is not too far away from the city. There is a certain limit to the solitude that I want.

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