Food Adventure In The Streets Of Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia where food is one of its main attractions. Thai food does not need too much introduction because it is well known internationally. The good thing with Bangkok is you can eat delicious food on the streets; something that you can’t do elsewhere. If you are planning on a holiday in Bangkok, stay near the sky train and metro exchange so that the city’s eating spots will be within walking distance.

One of the most common tools used by street food vendors is the mortar and pestle that is used to crunch strips of green unripe papaya together with other ingredients that include palm sugar, lime, fish sauce and chilli to create a perfect combination of sweet, salty, sour and hot flavour. Some cannot eat enough of this Thai delicacy; others can’t handle it because of the distinctive spicy flavour. For variation, some street vendors add peanuts, dry shrimps or salted crabs into the mix.

Once the sun starts to set, the streets of Bangkok are filled with the aroma of grilled fish. Fish is stuffed with pandanus leaves and lemongrass and then coated with flour and rock salt before they are grilled over hot charcoal. You have a choice of sidings for your grilled fish from a variety of vegetables, rice noodles and chilli. However, make sure to eat only the meat and not the skin because it would be very salty. The best place to find the most delicious grilled fish is near the Central World Mall.

A visitor to Thailand must never miss Bangkok’s famous pad Thai noodles. The authentic Pad Thai is made from stir fried noodles combined with bean sprouts, egg and other Thai flavourings like dry shrimp. For extra flavour, squeeze some lime and sprinkle the noodles with chilli flakes and ground peanuts.

If you are not particularly fond of eating in the streets, an option is Bangkok heightz Thai food where you can taste original Thai recipes. You can dine in an elegant and calm environment. Don’t miss the Thai cocktail that is made from local ingredients and flavours.

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