Guide When Travelling With Kids To Vietnam

For families with kids who are planning to visit Vietnam, the thought can be daunting at first but many families have already travelled to Vietnam with kids in tow and they claim that it was one of the most enjoyable experience. To help you with your future travel, here is a guide when travelling with kids to Vietnam:

– If you are booking budget hotels for the family then there is one thing that you should know beforehand, they don’t have lifts – usually. There will also be no assurance that someone will be there to assist you handling your luggage. This is why it is important to travel light. Think about the things you will bring and weigh in if you really need them such as strollers, car seats and suitcases for each of the kids. Keep in mind that you will be carrying these luggage a few flight of stairs and some of the kids might be sleeping which will be harder.

– If you are deciding on what means to use when traveling, always choose the train over the bus ride. Train rides take longer time to reach the destination but it is also more affordable and you will have the chance to stop at the well known tourist spots along the route. Train rides offer a much bigger room for sleeping and a larger space for the kids to bounce around. Bus rides are uncomfortable for adults and will not have enough room for the kids to play around during the entire journey.

– If you are going somewhere with only a medium distance then it is best to choose a taxi ride. It may not be cheap compared to other means but it is not that expensive in Vietnam compared to other far developed countries. Taxis are cheaper than renting a car.

– Do not worry about the food as there are comfort foods also available in Vietnam. The kids will still have their most love French fries and a unique dip of sugar and butter too!

– If you are deciding whether to visit Halong Bay or Sapa then go for the latter. There are overnight sleeper trains that travel from Hanoi to Sapa.

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