Guidelines In Creating Fantasy Maps

Places that are created only by an artist through imagination which are used in books and novels are more often illustrated in a series of fantasy maps included in books to further assist the readers. If you have been trying, and failing, to make a fantasy map worthy to be included in a bestselling fantasy novel then this article will give you some guidelines on how to improve and work on your future fantasy maps.

First and foremost, your fantasy map should be able to relay the story that you are trying to convey to the readers. With just the map itself, the reader should be able to use his or her imagination in creating a story within that map. One should be able to appreciate the map, the landmarks and symbols within in order to catch the reader’s full interest. The map should act as a snapshot of a certain story by freezing in it the important details. It is considered by many as a static world when it comes to fantasy stories and games.

There are various ways in which a fantasy world can be portrayed depending on the artist and the viewer’s perspective. This is evident in the now famous fantasy book series turned TV series in HBO, A Song Of Ice and Fire or more commonly referred to as Game of Thrones. There are various maps made officially for the series but there are also a handful of fan made ones that can be found on the internet. There are those that caught the scene in a way that the author had set it and there are those that added their own style.

Second thing to keep in mind are the viewers – they should be able to understand and relate to the map’s story.

Third, it is essential for someone who likes to draw maps to study real geography. Though the ones you will be creating are fantasy maps, it should be as appealing as the real thing.

Last but not the least, map illustrations should be given focus especially when choosing the color palette as it affects how the map is perceived.

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