Hair Extensions And Their Application Techniques

There are different methods of attaching hair extensions; some will take longer than the others. When the color and texture of the hair extensions are applied by an expert hair stylist, the hair extensions are guaranteed to move naturally and mix in with the hair of the person. It will be difficult to tell whether the person is wearing a hair extension. Hair extensions can extend the length of the hair, provide volume and at the same time add lowlights or highlights. When these hair extensions are properly maintained, it can last up to one year.

Application techniques

You need to consider the type of hair, the budget of the person, the amount of hair extension and the person’s lifestyle when attaching hair extensions. When there is a significant amount of hair that is to be attached or when the hair is expected to last for a longer period of time, the advice of a professional hairstylist has to be consulted.

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You can now add extension to your hair which can last for a longer period of time. You can use keratin tubing or metal rings when attaching these extensions. In this method, hair is attached to a small tube or ring and is then clamped to the pieces of real hair. This method is quite popular in that the damage to the natural hair is only minimal. People also prefer this method since it uses no solvents or adhesives which can potentially irritate the scalp. This hair extension however is difficult to remove. It also adds additional weight to your hair and usually will loose after undergoing a few washings and eventually release some strands. Expert stylists do not usually recommend the use of this method.

Bonding is also referred to as gluing. This method usually will involve longer hair wefts. You will need up to at least 6 inches. Before applying the extension, an adhesive is first applied into the roots of the hair. This is a quick method to perform but will not usually last long compared to other methods.

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