Here’s How You Can Define Luxury Hotels And Resorts

Luxury, a six-letter word that is either deceptive, promising or sometimes both but right now, it is probably one of the most overused words in the world of advertising. In fact, if you would think about, almost every product nowadays is connected to luxury from liquid detergent to bug spray. But if you would connect luxury to a hotel, there you would have to expect something.

So how do you define luxury? If you would look at the dictionary, luxury will be defined as the state of great comfort and extravagant living. But how about with hotels, do luxury hotels offer that kind of comfort and extravagance? Who decides whether a hotel is ‘luxury’ or not? Critically-minded organizations such as Forbes and AAA are the ones responsible for labeling a hotel luxurious. However, if you would do a research on the standards for luxury hotel, you would find that there is none. For this reason, you can call both 4-star and 5-star hotels luxury.

But in the minds of guests who pay for accommodations at these luxury hotels, you would expect them to expect. They would expect that the luxury standards (if there are any) to be present in all forms and aspects of the hotel or resort. This would include the service, the dining, the activities, amenities, etc. These travelers would have every right to expect luxury because that is what they are paying for.

Whenever travelers or guests check into or make reservations with luxury accommodation in Hua Hin, they would expect an easy, intelligent and respectful planning. This means the booking process should be a breeze and not too complicated. Not only that, guests would expect a fast and easy check-in, check-out. No guest would want to wait to check-out.

Guests would also expect to get the room that they had wanted. It will have all the amenities they were told of including the view, etc. They would want all the features that a luxury hotel could provide and bathrooms that go beyond.

The services are expected to be top of the class as well as with the dining and the activities planned for them. Lastly, they would expect not to get charged for the basics!


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