How The Concept Of Art Is Used In Stars Wars

Before the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the sequel was already widely anticipated by fans because of the extensive marketing campaigns. The film broke all box office records and became the inspiration of a lot of Stars Wars Art. For the most part, fans were already familiar with the characters of Hans Solo, Rey, Finn, Luke Skywalker and the Stormtroppers.

One of the scenes that became a hot topic online is Finn taking a swing at First Order Stormtrooper. A closer look shows that the trooper was also wielding a weapon that looks like a lightsaber. In spite of the excitement, the idea of a Stormtrooper wielding a lightsaber is nothing new and predates the entire Stars Wars saga.

Before the very first Star Wars film, George Lucas commissioned Ralph McQuarrie to envision the masterpiece. The results have become as iconic as the movie itself with the duel between Luke and Vader as the most popular. It seems that JJ Adams has realized the importance of the lightsaber to the saga and used the same idea on the Force Awakens.

However, the Stormtroopers also showed new hi-tech weaponry inspired from the earliest McQuarrie pieces. The McQuarrie original version of the Darth Vader’s helmet was still used in the film but it was meant to be removable at this stage considering that Vader is not disfigured by simply evil.

The earlier impression of a Jawa camp was not actually used because they existed solely on within their Sandcrawlers. Nevertheless, the same idea reappeared in Rey’s village that consisted predominantly of tents and engine parts scattered in the sandy environment.

Finally, the design of R2-D2 forty years ago was used to create the iconic character of BB-8, the orange football droid but with more upgrades due to the presence of new technology. Most of the ideas were taken from McQuarrie’s original versions.

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