How To Buy Hanging Planters

Hanging plants is not a fad. People have been hanging plants since time immemorial. During the ancient times, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was considered as one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. This is a proof that people appreciates hanging plants and gardens for centuries now. To go along with your hanging plants, you would need hanging planters. There are several hanging pots that you can buy online and even in your local hardware and garage sales. To get the right hanging pots for you, consider the following buying tips:


Putting up a hanging plant and buying a planter to hang it from may sound so easy. However, there are some things that you need to consider. For instance, you need to consider the interior design of the place where you are going to hang your plant. If your design is contemporary or modern, you would have to buy a planter that is also contemporary. This will provide coherence on your interior design. The type of hanging planters that you should buy must also be suitable to the type of plant you have. In other words, conduct a short research to come up with a harmonious ambiance for your interior.

Look for planter suppliers

If you are already decided on the type of plant and hanging planters that you are going to have, the next step would be to look for planter suppliers such as Hundred Acre Wood. They provide free delivery and free return of items if ever you are not happy with the supplies. There are so many suppliers on the internet but always look for a hanging planter supplier that delivers their products and services with a personal touch. Read discussion boards to find a trusted distributor of your needed supplies.

Process your purchase 

The last step towards having hanging planters is to actually place your purchase. Only entrust your payment from a supplier that guarantees secure payment. Remember that there are scammers everywhere and the internet is infested with them. After your purchase, wait for the delivery for you to start with your new hobby.

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