How To Buy The Right LED Strip Lights

We are seeing more and more of LEDs when it comes to home lighting system because of the fact that it is better than the other alternatives. In comparison to incandescent and halogen bulbs, LEDs last longer, it can be controlled by the user and may be programmed, more efficient as well as produces lesser heat. These are only some of the known benefits of LEDs. While we know of its advantages, buying one is not an easy task because there are many types and variations to choose from. Here are a few things to know in order for you to purchase the right one.

LED strips are categorized into four major types – DC LED flex strips, AC LED flex strips, LED rope light and high power LED strips. The DC LED is a flexible strip that is powered by 12volts DC and it comes with a silicone for waterproofing along with a 3M adhesive so it can be installed easily. The AC LED is also flexible but it is powered straight from the home’s outlet. All you have to do is plug it in. The LED rope light has a case and it is omni-directional that comes in a standard packaging. High powered LEDS are those that are purchased together with board drivers and its own circuitry.

When buying, you might focus on the length of the LED strips that you are purchasing but it is important to count the number of LEDs on the specific length as well to know how many are in every foot or meter. If you want a clean line for your lighting then you might want to choose one that is spaced not too far apart.

LED light strip is available in different single colours while RGB or multicolour ones are also available. The most common type is strip that comes in single colour. This is cheaper and installation is easier. If you want a colour changing strip, the combination you will get is red, green and blue. These are controllable by the user so the light flashes or it can display one colour at a time.

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