How To Choose A Steel Conduit For The Raceway System

Since the 1900’s, electrical contractors have been using steel conduits in the raceway system. Steel has many advantages but it is the material’s strength and wall thickness that provides the most mechanical protection to enclosed conductors. During the installation of the steel conduits, most electrical contractors use EMT connectors with approved corrosion-resistant coating. There is EMT connector for sale in trade sizes from ½ to 4.

There are different types of steel conduits that can be used for specific applications. RMC has the thickest walls making it the heaviest conduit that is installedindoors, outdoors and underground whether exposed or concealed. RMC conduits are galvanized through the hot-dip process to achieve a zinc coating both on the inside and outside.

IMC conduits have thinner walls and weigh less than RMC conduits; however, it can also be used for the same applications as RMC. IMC conduits have a zinc-based coating on the outside while the inside is protected with an approved organic-based and corrosion-resistant coating. IMC can be conveniently interchanged with galvanized RMC because both of them have threads with 0.75 inch-per-foot taper. The same coupling and fitting can be used for both conduits. You can purchase EMT connector for sale in the market whether you choose to use galvanized RMC or IMC conduit.

EMT is the lightest in weight among the steel conduits. Many contractors prefer to use EMT conduits because they are easy to alter, reuse of re-direct. Although light in weight, EMT can provide substantial physical protection and can be used even for exposed location. However, it is better to use galvanized RMC when there is a possibility of severe physical damages.

Factory-made couplings are available for RMC, EMT and IMC. However, measurements may vary among manufacturers. Whenever you use EMT connectors, make sure to consider the variability to avoid problems with the installation.

There is EMT connector for sale in the market if you are in need of couplings. Make sure though that the manufactory is as professional as possible to avoid any issues with the application. The product as well as the production process must be of high quality through the use of advanced technology.

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