How To Enjoy In A Luxury Resort And Spa In Phuket

In Thailand, one of the renowned tourist destinations is Phuket. Due to its great weather and perfect hospitality, many travellers come here all year round. Geographically, Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and with major populations of Chinese and Thais, and tourism is the main source for livelihood. If you’re planning a vacation, stay in a luxury resort and spa in Phuket and experience a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere here. So here’s what you can do in Phuket:

  • Kata Noi Beach on a Weekend

Kata Noi beach is on the southwest side of Phuket with its magnificent shoreline. It’s considered Phuket’s biggest attraction, where you can spend a day trip. If you are out for serenity away from the hustle and bustle of touristy spots, it’s an impressive sandy bay to be at. Be relaxed and rejuvenated in these crystal clear blue waters.

  • The Peacefulness of Phang Nga Bay

Witness the emerald green waters of Phang Nga Bay when you visit Phuket. The limestone karsts fall vertically out of the water making the bay more divine. You can mesmerize the limestone islands and go watch the Koh Panyee and James Bond island. Take a boat tour to explore the magical scenery of these islands.

  • The Breathtaking Big Buddha

After stepping out from your luxury resort and spa in Phuket, venture the island’s most visited attraction, the renowned Big Buddha statue, where you experience the most peaceful site of the island. You would love to listen to the slow dharma music, small tinkling bells and the melody of flapping flags. You’ll also see the big marvellous Buddha statue with its white jade marble brightly shining in the sun.

  • Taste Delectable Seafood and Enjoy Various Watersports

Thai cuisine is famous for its diversity of flavours and excellent cooking methods. Phuket is famous for its various seafood dishes. While in Phuket, never fail the noodle soup Kuay Tiew, pad Thai and the famous Tom Yam Goong. After this sumptuous meal, venture into the town’s watersports town. There can be scuba diving, jet skiing and snorkelling on the lovely beaches of Phuket.

After a day trip to wonderful spots of Phuket, head back to rest and relax in a luxury resort and spa in Phuket, which is plenty in the area.

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