How To Ensure That A Wedding Is Planned Smoothly

Red is my favorite color and nobody was surprised when I used it for my wedding theme. The parents were not agreeable on the idea of a red wedding dress and I had no choice but to compromise. It is very important to be in the right frame of mind so that there will be no frustrations and disappointments.

When we sent out our wedding invitations on bold red-colored envelopes with the elegant black ribbon, friends immediately assumed that the wedding colors are red and black. Of course, most of my friends were familiar with my passion for red and they knew beforehand that it is the most obvious choice for my wedding colors.

I never imagined that a wedding would be very expensive. My husband-to-be and I agreed on a budget and we had to stick to it no matter what. We certainly do not want to start a married life with a lot of bills. We had to scale back on some of my ideas for the wedding. I wanted red roses for the church décor but it was impossible with the amount of money on hand. It was not the season for flowers and an overwhelming amount of red roses will cost a fortune. I compromised with a few red roses on my bouquet so that my husband and I will have a healthy start with our marriage.

The number one reason for the failure of a marriage is on not knowing when to compromise. I would be happy even with red ribbons as adornment if it means that we will be able cut back on the expenses. We were thinking of cutting back on the guest list but we certainly do not want to disappoint out friends. Most of the planning for the wedding was done between us and we were able to complete the details about photography, florists and wedding clothes in relatively short time. There were challenges but they were easily overcome because we were both willing to be flexible and we knew the importance of compromise. If the bulk of the decisions will only be done by one individual, it often becomes the root of trouble.

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