How You Can Make The Most Out Of Your Small Room Space

Feeling troubled about the small space in your rooms? Well, trouble no more with these helpful tips!

  • Maximize your kitchen space by using open storage shelves. Instead of using regular cupboards, why not add open and organized storage shelves instead? This would help keep your kitchen space open and airy.
  • Don’t let space go unused in small bedrooms. When you find that there is still some space you can maximize in your small bedroom, why not turn this space into a fully functional working space? Add a desk of suitable size and some shelves where you can place your books and other items.
  • Maximize your bathroom storage by using narrow wall shelves. These shelves provide a great way to store your bathroom essentials in a practical and stylish way. Place all you unsightly toiletries under the bathroom vanity and invest on canisters to hold your cotton swabs, lotions and other items.
  • Make the most out of multipurpose spaces. There will be times when you won’t have a choice but to make use of a single space for multiple purposes. For example, a guest bedroom and a home office. It would definitely do you well to invest on convertibles like sofa beds.
  • Avoid using dark hues. Why is this important? This is because darker hues negate effective lighting which would then leave the room looking smaller. Use only light and soft hues because they go well with mirrors and windows to effectively direct proper lighting and make the room appear larger.
  • Use curtains to divide. If you want to divide rooms for better use of space, you should definitely use a curtain. This adds an element of sophistication and drama.
  • Use the space beneath the stairs. The extra space under the stairs can get quite awkward but you can make use of that space by installing shelves where you can place important or decorative items.
  • Add a mirror. The best way to expand space and make the room look bigger is by adding a mirror. This would help direct natural light all over the room and give the illusion of a larger room space.

To further improve on your Thailand interior design, why not hire a professional interior designer? They’ll be fully equipped and qualified to make your room designs better, more appealing and practical.

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