Interesting Facts About Ferrari, The Prancing Horse

It is without a doubt that with over 70 years in the business, Ferrari has become of the top industry leaders today. In fact, Brand Finance has even granted them the title of the most powerful brand today. Ferrari has become a symbol of luxury and innovation.

Founded by the late Enzo Ferrari, the company has been known to produce high-end luxury and race cars like the Ferrari LaFerrari and the new Ferrari 488 GTS. Here are some interesting facts about Ferrari.

  1. Founder Enzo Ferrari didn’t stray too much from home. While you may say that Enzo Ferrari had travelled around the world with his racing team, his company stayed in Maranello, near his birthplace, Modena. Today, you can still find the Ferrari Headquarters at Maranello, Italy.
  2. The Prancing Horse logo has an interesting background. According to Papa Enzo, he took the logo of the prancing horse from an image of a red horse painted on the fuselage of Count Francesco Barrera, a WWI hero. He said that he met with the war hero’s parents, the Count and CountessBaracca and back in ’23 after winning a race. They had suggested that Enzo use their son’s prancing horse logo on his cars because it would bring him good luck. Nine years after that, Alfa Romeo finally allowed Scuderia Ferrari to use the logo on their cars.
  3. The launch of the first Ferrari car was delayed by WWII. During WWII, Enzo Ferrari’s factory in Maranello was bombed by the Allied forces in 1944 and 1945. It was only after the factory was rebuilt that the first official Ferrari car, the V12 125 S, was launched two years after the war.
  4. The company didn’t decide the classic red color used in Ferrari cars before. Now, you would see Ferrari cars in different shades and color but back then, they were all mostly red. However, this classic color was not a decision made by Ferrari, they were just actually following the color assigned by the International Automobile Federation to all race cars in the Grand Prix.
  5. FIAT owns a considerable stake in the company. Back in 1969, founder Enzo Ferrari sold 50 percent of the company to the FIAT Group for an infusion of capital. Before Enzo Ferrari died, he and his son sold more shares to the group. Now, Piero Ferrari, Enzo’s son, only holds 10 percent of the company’s share.
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