Knowing The Right Bubble Size

Aside from boxes, bubble wraps from Paper Mart can also be an important part in sending out products for a web-based or ecommerce business. One may usually think of bubble wrap as that sheet of air we would usually play with as a child (maybe until now). However, there is also variety in the world of bubble wrap and choosing which one to buy is also a business decision. So, here are some tips to help you choose the proper bubble wrap to safeguard your packages while providing fun for your customers:

First of all, there are actually three sizes. For brevity, we’ll refer to those sizes as small, medium, and large. Then, each of these sizes come into widths, 12 inches and 24 inches. And third, all rolls are perforated every 12 inches.

But why is there a need to manufacture bubble wraps of different bubble sizes? For the uninformed person, he would just think that all bubble wraps serve the same purpose. However, they actually serve different purposes as far as product size and protection is concerned.

It’s fairly easy. Heavier items need bigger bubbles.

Small items are used for light cushioning and surface protection. Small sized bubble wraps most commonly protect small items. And, as a trivia, small bubble wraps are the most used when it comes to stress popping.

These bubbles are about 5/16 inches in diameter. They are commonly used as an all-purpose type of bubble wrap whether for storage, shipping, or for moving. They are great for small and fragile trinkets. They also serve as void fillers in boxes to avoid the package from crashing from side to side and from shifting during transit.

The large bubbles are used for large items such as televisions or filling empty voids for packages that contain frames or other wide but thin items. They are about half an inch in diameter in terms of size making them bulky enough to cushion and absorb shock from heavy items.

So as you can see, choosing which size to choose actually depends on the item size. And, in terms of width, it’s basically the same thing. A 12 inch wrap is usually universal because it can fill up both large and small boxes. The 24 inch wrap is good for wide items such as artwork and flat screen televisions.

And, if you forgot, let me also remind you that bubble wrap is reusable (so long as you don’t enjoy popping them).

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