Knowing Your Options For A Health Insurance In Thailand

Whether you’rea Thai local or an expat, you need health insurance in Thailand for coverage. However, the task of finding one can really be daunting. One needs to be aware of the benefits it can offer for citizens. As an expat, you need to know what insurance to buy or whether there really is a need for one. So below is a listing of Thailand’s most common types of health insurance and how you can typically apply for them:

International Health Insurance

This type of health insurance is purchased by most expats and will cover their treatment in both private and government hospitals in Thailand and abroad. The policy may need to list down the countries covered. For instance, an international plan may cover all countries throughout Asia. There are also plans which don’t include Singapore and Hong Kong in their coverage. There are also plans that exclude the US due to its high cost of medical systems. However, one thing is for sure– you’ll be paying higher premiums for your coverage.

Private Insurance

If you’re an expat and is working in Thailand, your employer may get you covered by this health insurance in Thailand for protection. The country has the same private insurance system that is offered abroad. An employer can hire a group insurance policy and have his or her employees receive the same coverage at a hospital of their choice, be it a government or private owned hospital. The policy will cover various types of treatment. Some plans cover some limits while others have high fixed limits to cover everything. If an expat or Thai national doesn’t receive coverage from their employer, they may opt for private insurance policies by themselves.

Government Healthcare

Whether you’re a Thai national or expat, if you work for a licenced Thai company, you can receive social security. The person is assigned to a specific government hospital where he can expect treatment. However, he will have to wait on long queues of treatment unless it’s an emergency.

Though this may not be a comprehensive list of health insurance in Thailand available, this coverage can help cut down expenses on medical treatments done in a government or private hospital.

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