Learning Online Success from Brony.com

Brony.com is an online retailer of official My Little Pony licensed merchandise and accessories. The company has evolved from selling My Little Pony toys into incorporating uniquely designed my little pony pajamas for kids. Their unique way of reaching out to their target market or the followers of the My Little Pony television series has contributed greatly to their success.

How did this company achieve success in the online world? What could be their secret?

Here are some strategies that you might want to consider in your online business.

Your website should look professional

Brony.com has a sophisticated and attractive look at the same time is very professional. You need to create a trust environment for your clients and the appearance of your website will play a big role to this. There are a lot of web surfers that easily close website and jump onto the next because they do not like how the website looked like.

• Your website needs to have easy navigation tools and clear directions

Always keep in mind to have simple navigation keys. Not all of your visitors are tech savvy and it is best to keep things simple. You need to have a clear call to action button. You navigation links should also be clearly presented and the content of the page to which it is linked to should be useful and relevant. You should also offer enticing offers on your website with clear instructions on how to avail these.

• Build customer confidence through testimonial

According to studies, using testimonials of product users are much more effective than a lengthy page of discussion regarding what your product can do. Encourage your customers to post a short testimonial on how they were satisfied with your product. The testimonial should be specific regarding what really impressed them.

• Sell your products advantages, benefits or satisfaction

People would want to try out a product to see if this will solve their problem or satisfy their want. Always keep in mind to sell what your product can do for your customers. You must clearly define the benefits or satisfaction that they will get out of your product. In order to effectively do this, you will need to put yourself in your clients’ shoes.

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