Looking For A Real Estate Agent? Watch Out For These Red Flags

Real estate agents play an important role in both the selling and buying process. They are the ones you can turn to if you want to sell your house and if you are looking for one, they will also help you find a house that would meet all your needs. Unfortunately, good real estate agents are hard to come by. You would find a number of agents in your search but agents who are truly capable and trustworthy are pretty rare.

When you are out looking for an agent, it is always important that you have a critical mind. This is because you would not only be placing your trust on these agents; you would also be placing an important investment in their hands. But how would you know if an agent is capable or not? What type of agents do you need to avoid?

Here are some red flags that tell you to avoid an agent.

  • If you are selling your house and the agent advises you the highest price for your home, then you should avoid this agent. Remember, if your price is too high on the market, people might not even look at it. What you can do is to approach three different agents and ask their opinion about your house’s price. They should at least come close to each other.
  • He is a part time agent only. If this is the case, then you better drop him. You need someone who will dedicate his time helping you, someone who doesn’t make you have to wait.
  • If the agent does not have good knowledge of the neighborhood you want to move into, then you should not hire him because as locations change, even by a single block, the price can also change and he might not know this.
  • If the agent charges a lower than average commission, he would most likely not do an efficient job.
  • If the agent is a poor negotiator, or if he can’t keep up with all the financial details, you should drop him because he would do you no help.
  • If the agent does not specialize on the type of Hua Hin real estate you are selling or buying, you should not hire him because you would need someone who can provide you with maximum service and knowledge.
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