Modelling And Surfing Career For Palmateer

Beach bombshell Felicity Palmateer is the new queen of big-wave surfing in Australia. At 23, Felicity was travelling the world as a bikini-clad surfer and everyone assumed that she is living a carefree, bohemian existence. That is not the case, because big-wave surfing requires hours of gruelling training, strict diet and serious coaching sessions.

Fearless Felicity the WA athlete made history last month when she managed to reach the finals of the first big-wave competition for women at Jaws. The big-wave world tour was packed with drama because two women ended up in the hospital due to twisted limbs after they were wiped out by a giant 8 meter plus swell. Palmeteer was able to reach the finals at Maui when she rode two giant swells and surfed what may have been the biggest wave that was ever ridden by a female surfer in Australia.

According to Palmateer, the secret to surfing and surviving the big waves is all in the mind. Speaking from the Gold Coast where she is now based to be near the headquarters of Billabong, her major sponsor, Palmateer said that part of her success is breathing techniques she learned from surf coach Nam Baldwin.

Palmateer is now pretty calm with the big waves after all the difficult training she has undertaken. She knows how to deal with a 30-footer that is coming towards her. Palmateer loves the adrenaline boost she gets from surfing the big waves and her coach Nam has helped her a lot with the mental stuff and breathing techniques to remain calm and enjoy the moment.

Many people who have never tried surfing assume that the sport is dangerous but once you put some time into the ocean, you learn to be comfortable. When you grow up in WA, you will always get used to powerful Indian Ocean with its giant waves.

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