Advantage And Disadvantages Of Having A Wedding Coordinator

Weddings are happy and joyous events but the planning process which can take months or more than a year can be stressful in so many ways. You might want to handle everything to make sure that every detail is right but another option is available, hiring a professional to help. If you are not sure whether to hire a wedding coordinator or not, here are the advantages and disadvantages to help you decide.


  • If you have never been involved in wedding planning before then you might be surprised at the amount of tasks that need to be done. A professional wedding planner has the experience and knowledge which will ensure that every small detail is looked into.
  • For a bride who is getting married in a city where she does not live, planning can be hard. Hiring a local wedding coordinator is a blessing in disguise because they know the local market, the right vendors to go to and they already have a network of suppliers they can contact right away.
  • You will be able to do your daily activities without having to cancel things because you have a lot on your plate. A wedding planner’s time is paid so they will spend every minute of it making sure that they have contacted vendors and tackled every tiny detail.
  • During the wedding day, you won’t have to worry a thing because any problem that might arise will be handled by the wedding coordinator.



  • There are different kinds of people and if you are the one who loves to take everything under control and do everything on your own then you might have a hard time giving some of the tasks regarding one of your most memorable days to the wedding coordinator. Some wedding planners are comforted by this fact because planning is more seamless with someone who is hands on. You have to determine though if you are comfortable with the setup or not.

Hiring a Wedding Coordinator in Sydney is an added cost. Some will help you save money in the long run but it is quite hard if your budget already reached the maximum. You also have the option to hire a coordinator on the day of the wedding to make sure everything is handled seamlessly.


Tips For First Time Travelers To South America

South America attracts various types of travellers mainly because of the wonders that it holds. There are snow-capped mountains to look out for as well as busy metropolises that will fill your eyes with the tallest skyscrapers. You will be able to experience and see endangered wildlife, taste world cuisine, visit lush islands and ruins of the past. No matter how exciting the first trip may be, things might feel overwhelming especially if this is your first time travelling to South America. Here a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Study local phrases. Knowing a few of the most basic phrases when travelling South America can go a long way. If you have Spanish speaking nations on your itinerary then make sure to learn a few Spanish phrases in order to go around these places without too much difficulty. If you have to visit Brazil then keep in mind that the locals speak Portuguese and learning the basic will not hurt.
  • Know the guidelines when it comes to using your visa. Every country located in South America has their own visa regulations that citizens of the United States must follow. There are countries that have kept their border open for travellers while there are those that require you to apply for visa before going. To know more, check out the website of the U.S. State Department regarding entry and exit requirements for each nation.

Choose the best time for your South America Tour. South America is one of the largest continents and it also has the most diverse nations. Visiting should be done depending on the goal of your trip. If you want to see the best of Chile and Argentina then you should visit during their summer season. If you want to explore El Chalten glacier and Torres del Paine without the crowd then shoulder season which is spring and fall should be the best time. If you are planning to go to the Amazon rainforest then book a flight between October and November to see fewer crowds and little rain in order to appreciate more of the local wildlife.


Stunning Southeast Asian Destinations For Weddings And Honeymoon

Destination weddings are a great escape not only for the couples but also for their guests who are looking for a beachside holiday. There are plenty of these great locations in Southeast Asia.


Here are the 4 places great for exchanging vows or having a honeymoon.


Bali, Indonesia

Tanah Lot which is an iconic Balinese temple on a sea is a breathtaking backdrop to hold a wedding in. The sunset views will surely add a depth to the wedding ceremony. Pan Pacific Nirwana is one property in the area that overlooks the site and is a top choice for those wanting to experience Bali’s culture and natural beauty in the wedding photographs.

For the guests, they can visit museums and art galleries or do temple tours.


Phuket, Thailand

With its beautiful beaches having rugged mountain outcrops and its turquoise waters, Phuket is a destination even at any time within the year. Celebrating a wedding here is a dream for any couple. An Avista Wedding Venue in Patong is a great location for those wanting to have their destination wedding in this tropical paradise.

For the guests, activities like elephant jungle treks or Thai cooking classes are something to try too.


Nha Trang, Vietnam

This is the newest destination choice for a wedding or a honeymoon. Even though Nha Trang is a seaside town having skyscrapers and cosmopolitan dining choices, there are some properties away from the busy town with serene surroundings. One of these is the Amiana Resort Nha Trang with its rugged coastline overlooking through hills. Thus, this makes for a quaint location for events like weddings.


For the guests, they can do water activities or visit spiritual sites like the Po Nagar Cham Towers which is a Buddhist worship place.

Pangkor, Malaysia

The beauty of Pangkor is truly legendary. It has pristine beaches and an exclusivity which is a favorite for famous people. Pangkor Laut Resort is a very dreamy place made for special events like weddings.

For the guests, they can do water sports or relax in spas. They can also visit attractions like the Fu Lin Kong and the Dutch fort.


When To Buy Condos For Sale

Condo units are one of the most convenient ways of living in this modern world. This is one of the reasons why you will find a lot of condos for sale Bangkok over the internet or even among local real estate agents. Having your very own condo unit is a common dream but not everyone is ready to have one. To help you determine if now is the right time for you to own a condo unit take a look at these checklist.

Financial preparedness. Paying for the condo unit itself does not end your financial responsibilities. As a matter of fact, you will continually pay for fees while you are a resident of the building. There are maintenance and utility fees paid equally by all co-owners. Aside from that, condo units can be quite pricey although there are factors that would generally determine its price. These factors include its location, facilities, condition and brand, among others. If you are ready to take all these financial responsibilities, then by all means, buy one of those condos for sale Bangkok.

Change of social status. Another common reason for buying a condo unit is due to some changes in your social status. For instance, newlyweds would find a new home to move in to and condo units are ideal for such situations. Considering that newly married couples do not have children yet, the limited space of condo units is suitable for small or budding families. Those who want to have a place of their own such as working young individuals who are looking for a place to call their own can opt for condo units with its modern features that suits a professional starting with their careers.

Long-term temporary stay. Condo units are not suitable for long term stay especially when family is growing or when you want somewhere laid-back and traditional. Those condos for sale Bangkok are ideal for professionals working in a foreign country or are looking for a residence while working yet plans to move to a province or a beach house in the later part of their lives.


Things To Consider For Your Vacation Residences In Phuket

If you are planning to stay in Riviera Residences Phuket, consider a few things that would make your vacation a truly memorable one. Some of the things to think about are following:

Who are you going with?

The person you will be going with will have something to do with your choice of resort. If you would go with your family, check if the residence you are looking at has child-friendly facilities. If you will have a holiday with your partner, consider the facilities that you may want to have such as a private pool or Jacuzzi or an accessible beach that you would want to stroll in the early mornings during your stay.

What activities do you have in mind?

Before you book your stay in Riviera Residences Phuket, factor in the type of activities that you want to have while on vacation. Some of the activities and offered services in luxurious residences are rejuvenating massage, yoga, swimming lessons, nearby island visits, golf, paragliding and many more. Take a look at the hotel’s list of activities that you can participate in and enlist in advance to ensure that you would get the service especially on a peak season.

How big is your preferred residence?

The type of activities and experience that you will have in a vacation spot will depend on how big the hotel is. If the area is vast, you can expect to have more activities to do, shops to visits, different spots to laze around and facilities to choose from. Smaller residences may not be able to offer the type of services and activities that you dream of.

Read reviews

For an optimum enjoyable stay, take time to read customer reviews. Avoid residences and hotels with more customer complaints than thumbs up. Pay particular attention on what the customers have to say about the food in Riviera Residences Phuket including the delivery of services by their staff and personnel. Book in advance to ensure that you would have your preferred villa during your stay. You may also want to ask if the hotel provide discounts.


Pattaya As The Perfect Place For A Retirement Or Holiday Home

It is difficult to find a place on earth where you will enjoy tropical climate, golden sandy beaches, warm and happy people, exotic food and different options for entertainment. Pattaya in Thailand offers everything that you are looking for that is why it is one of the popular destinations for retirees and expats who want to enjoy a relaxed and simple life.

Tips in choosing a condo in Pattaya

Many people buy a condo unit for investment. They usually decide based on location, presence of a swimming pool and fitness center and security. However, very few would consider the height of a condo whether it is low rise or high rise. A low rise condo has its advantages. Since it only covers a very small area, there is less panic during an emergency. It will be easier to evacuate a low rise condo than a large structure.

You certainly will not miss the feeling of living in a house because the low rise condo has a larger living space that is closer to the ground. In terms of investment, there are more opportunities to sell units than high rise condos that usually have more than 100 units offered for sale or for rent.

However, a high rise condo allows you a spectacular view from your windows. Since high rise condos can be commonly found near main roads and MRT and BTS stations, it is relatively

easy to reach the city

center. High rise condos are usually designed for elegant and luxurious living. Usually, the facilities are bigger to accommodate more residents.

The choice of a condo is usually a matter of preference. Before you make an investment decision, you have to consider convenience, commitment and the potential for resale and rental. Of course location matters a lot because people prefer to live in a condo where all of life’s necessities are easily accessible.

Pattaya has recently invested in infrastructure to attract the attention of investors to the resort city of Thailand. As you explore the city you will find condo for sale Pattaya that will meet your requirements. There is a wide range of choice among different properties for anyone who is looking for retirement or holiday home.


Tips In Booking For A Car Hire In Chania For Your Holiday

When booking for car hire Chania, what are the things that you should look for? Sure enough, you can find numerous car rentals on the internet when planning to visit Crete in Greece. However, you can’t just place your booking on the first car rental company that you come across with on the internet. You need to be meticulous especially that you want to avoid getting stressed while on travel. Also, you don’t want to spend your money on a poor service. To ensure that you would have a lasting good memory while in Chania, make sure that you pick the right car rental company. Here are some tips:

Visit the website

A company’s website says so much about the company itself. The more professional a site looks, the higher is the propensity that they are not fly away by night and they are not out to scam your money. There are several indications of a poorly maintained website. One of these is the information that you find therein; is it up to date, do you see helpful company information such as their physical address and contact information, feedback form, etc.? If you see that the website is poorly maintained, consider looking at other websites to obtain services.

Contact their customer service

Another detail that you should look for in a company for car hire Chania is their manner of dealing with their customers. Before you book for a reservation, try to contact their customer service either by sending them an email or by calling them thru their hotline. If you sent an email, notice how swiftly or sloppy they respond. An excellent company that values their customers would respond to queries within 24 hours. Anything more than that is already an indication of a potentially bad service from the company.

Read customer reviews

To get an idea how the company renders their services, read customer reviews prior to booking for a car hire Chania. Choose a car rental company that has more positive reviews than negative feedback. You just have to ensure that the review are authentic and not written by paid ghost writers.


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