Why Handmade Soap Is Simply Amazing

If you will notice, handmade soaps are making their presence known in store shelves. Many customers are interested to try homemade soaps because of the claims that they do not contain chemicals. However, many consumers still have to decide whether they will buy the handmade soap or the traditional soaps manufactured by the big brands.

Consumers are often misled by advertising because the big brands spend millions in marketing and promotions. It is understandable because this is business and the manufacturers have to earn profits. It is typical for find commercial soaps that are labeled with “natural” or “organic.” As a consumer it is important to know the differences between commercially produced soap and the genuine handmade soap.

The process of creating handmade soap is fairly simple with fats/oils and lye blended together to form the soap. The most important element in handmade soap is glycerin that is a natural skin softener. Animal fats and vegetable oils used in handmade soaps contain at least 7% to 13% glycerin. The natural integrity of glycerin must be maintained and allowed to settle in the soap molecules. The right balance of glycerin must be achieved because an excessive amount will make the soap mushy causing it to disintegrate quickly. Too little glycerin and the soap become harsh and dry on the skin.

Handmade soaps do not contain fragrance. The scent that you smell comes from pure essential oils that have therapeutic properties. Try the handmade soap that contains lemongrass essential oil and feel its effects on your senses. Lemongrass is actually cultivated because it citrusy fragrance that will help you calm down from all your stresses. Its scent is so relaxing that you will want to use the soap when you shower before bedtime. If you are suffering from insomnia, try handmade soap with lemongrass oil to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

The natural handmade soaps from Thailand & SE Asia have beneficial ingredients. The soaps come in beautiful designs and colors with each bar unique from the other. They have the delicate scent from the essential oils that were used to create them. Handmade soaps can be the best gifts you can give to your family and friends.

How To Save On Best Luxury Hotel In Bangkok

Most people think that when you book in a luxury hotel, you would have to break the bank and bust your savings just to afford the elegance associated with luxurious hotels. However, there are ways for you to stay in the best luxury hotel in Bangkok without going beyond what your pocket can afford. One way to do that is to conduct a good research in order to find great deals that will help you spend less while having a memorable vacation.  Here are some money-saving tips:

Do advance booking

You’d be surprised to know that most hotels, even the 5 star ones, offer lower rates to those who book early for their preferred accommodation. Booking in advance gives you the assurance that you will have a guaranteed accommodation when you arrive in Bangkok. Last minute booking or booking on the spot can be expensive and if you travel during peak season, you might run out of excellent hotel choices and may be compelled to settle for less.

Bundle services

One way to reduce your costs at the best luxury hotel in Bangkok is by putting together important travel needs in a single package. These bundled packages are offered by airline companies, travel agencies and also by some hotels through their websites. You get automatic discounts when you bundle services plus you reduce the hassle of securing different services such as your hotel accommodation, airport transfers, day tours, airline tickets and others.

Check for special promos

When you visit the website of the best luxury hotel in Bangkok, find the special deals or promo tabs and see what’s in store for you. You can find discounted or bundled services and other exciting offers. This will surely lower your expenses and the money you save can be used for other purposes such as buying souvenirs. You should also choose a hotel that offers complimentary breakfast and free internet connection as these items secretly increases your bill if you are going to pay for them. Also, find a hotel that offers free use of its amenities.

Tips In Finding A Reputable NRL Merchandise Shop

If you are a big fan of the National Rugby League, you must be looking for a reputable NRL merchandise shop where you can purchase all your needed items and apparel in support of the NRL team that you are rooting for. If you are a constant buyer of these items, you must have a favourite shop where you normally buy your NRL merchandise. However, if you want to look for another supplier or if this is your first time to purchase an NRL collectible, take a look at the following ideas.

Ask your network

If you are an NRL enthusiast, for sure you have friends who are also into NRL. Get information as to where they usually purchase NRL merchandise and collectible items. Find out if they are satisfied with quality and price including the service delivery of their supplier. The supplier should have courteous customer or sales representatives with swift delivery. The merchandise should get to you within guaranteed time of delivery and in perfect condition. There are also forums and discussion boards online where you can get information related to a reliable NRL merchandise shop.

Visit your local sports shops

You can also find NRL items and apparels at your local sports shop. Visit the department store or shopping malls in your area and you will surely find NRL apparels for you to choose from. The good thing about buying from offline stores is that you can actually fit the products and see how the shirt or shorts look on you.  However, you have to do offline shopping on a weekend or when you have the time because shopping from one stall to another and trying on those merchandises can consume much of your time.

Search stores online

Another excellent source of NRL items is an online NRL merchandise shop. Buying online is cheaper, more convenient and hassle-free. You don’t have to go anywhere to pick your needed items and they can also be delivered to your doorstep for free. Just make sure that you are buying from a reputable source.

The Importance Of A Contingency Plan When Preparing For An Event

When planning for an event, it is very critical to look into everything even the smallest details that can negatively impact on the party. It is important to be prepared for all circumstances because once damage is done it will be difficult to rectify. For example, have you prepared for a sudden downpour in your outdoor event?

It is always a race against time when there is a company event. Guests have started to arrive and yet employees are still scampering around trying to check all the details. When planning for an event, it is important to estimate how much time to allocate so that everything will be in place before the event starts.

An event will always require vendors. For example, if it is an outdoor event, you will be requiring furniture, décor, props and accessories as well as catering, lighting and security. A better option will be to do business with a party provider that will handle everything for the event including provisions for generators, mobile toilets, security and lighting for the car park. However, always be diligent in confirming details and schedules. Put everything into writing and spell out clearly all your expectations.

Always have a contingency plan. What happens to your event in case the weather does not cooperate? It is not easy to manage unexpected circumstances on the day of the event itself but plans must be in place for whatever situations that may occur whether it is a heavy rain, strong winds or heavy traffic to the event location.

Don’t hesitate to spend a few more dollars to hire additional staff for an event. No matter how organized you are, you cannot do everything alone. Coordinating all the details will keep you occupied most of the time. Learn to delegate to get everything moving.

Managing an outdoor needs an extensive list of suppliers but through party hire in Melbourne most of the products and services you need can be found in one place. This means you have will have a hassle-free experience in managing an event. Party hire will share its specialists and resources to ensure that the event will be a resounding success.

Da Nang Cuisine: Where To Eat

So you’ve got that romantic getaway to Vietnam planned. You’ve packed the luggage, got the reservation for a Vietnam romantic hotel, etc. But a good romantic getaway isn’t really complete without the perfect romantic dinner. Of course, choosing where to eat is an important decision for anyone hoping to create the perfect atmosphere, so here are some good places to eat in Da Nang, for those in need of a romantic dinner. Or just good dinner.

  • Blue Whale Restaurant [+84(511)3942 777]
    • A fine dining restaurant with iuxe decor and fine dining, with dishes made from freshly-caught seafood acquired straight from the fishermen that caught them, this dining spot has it the complete luxury package, and conveniently location on My Khe beach to boot.
  • Banh Xeo Ba Duong [+84 511 387 3168]
    • A more unorthodox choice, the Banh Xeo Ba Duong is a restaurant, and the term applies rather loosely, located in Hoang Dieu alleyway. The place offers more traditional banh xeo, as well as Vietnamese pancakes stuffed with the meat or seafood of your choice and some beansprouts, or, if you’re not into that, grilled pork with lemongrass. The stop offers the genuine local experience.
  • Bun Cha Ca 109 [109 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Da Nang]
    • Another authentic local stop, the family run Bun Cha Ca 109 offers fishcake noodle soup beloved by the residents for over 5 decades. The small food stop offers a cheap, streetside eating experience, for those who want to feel like a local, if only for a meal.
  • Com Nieu Nha Do [176 Nguyen Tri Phuong Street, Da Nang, +84 94 404 3044]
    • A more luxury style restaurant, located a mere ten-minutes of walking away from Da Nang International Airport, Com Nieu Nha Do is popular for families as the dish portions served there are large, meant for three or more people. The place’s specialty is its lemongrass-flavoured rice served inside a claypot and, ideally, eaten with side dishes.
  • Bushido Restaurant Da Nang
    • For those that somehow crave a Japanese or Korean style romantic dinner to go with their Vietnam romantic hotel reservation, the Bushido in Da Nang is their stop. Offering authentic dishes with a great view of the Han River, the 3-story restaurant with its unique samurai theme offers the full imported taste.

3 Major Considerations In Choosing Suzuki Bike Dealers

If you want to purchase a Suzuki motorcycle, it is only right for you to look for Suzuki bike dealers that can deliver high quality bikes at a more affordable price. You can find numerous dealers on the internet and at one glance; it is easy to say that all dealers offer the same. However, if you look closely, you’d be surprised that there are dealers that offer more value to their products and there are those that offer bikes at a slightly higher price compared to other suppliers. To help you choose among the numerous motorcycle dealers on the internet, take a look at the following considerations.

Better payment options

While it is better to purchase bikes or any other product in cash, some units are just quite heavy for cash payments and to think that there are other things that you need to place payments in relation to your bike purchase. You still have to financially factor in the taxes, insurance, safety gears or accessories and other necessary expenditures that may come your way. Thus, choose one from the Suzuki bike dealers that offer reasonable payment options for those who want to buy motorbikes in instalment basis. Look for dealers that offer low interest rates.

More motorbike choices 

Choose a motorcycle dealer that offers a wide array of motorbikes in their online shop. This way, you get better variety and you can change options if you see a better unit or model. Apart from motorcycle units, choose a dealer that offers products related to motorcycles such as gears and accessories. This way, you no longer have to go to other dealers when you can have all you need in one roof.

Better deals

Another consideration in choosing Suzuki bike dealers is the deals they offer. Find a motorcycle supplier that offers customer-friendly deals such as longer years of warranty, money back guarantee and even free delivery deal. Delivery of huge items such as motorbikes can be expensive and it would mean a lot of savings if you have the unit delivered for free right to your doorstep.

Romantic Things To Do When In Koh Samui

Koh Samui, Thailand is a favorite destination for couples who are planning for a romantic getaway or honeymoon. Known as a “slice of paradise”, it’s not hard to imagine its beautiful powdery beaches and turquoise waters all ready to be immersed in. It really is one of those special destinations that couples would want to take advantage of as it has romance written all over it.

Whether you’re on a honeymoon or just making a romantic getaway, the island really has it all to cater to all kinds of travelers. What’s great about it is its accessibility. Only an 80-minute flight from Bangkok or a 5-hour road trip via a Samui Airport Pick up from Phuket Airport, Koh Samul feels like it’s a whole world away from the bustling city. The island generally enjoys great weather all year-round, but is most popular between December and March.

When it comes to choosing a place to stay, there’s plenty of options for you to choose from. From 5-star hotels to reasonably affordable yet cozy accommodation, Koh Samui is one of those locations that you can find discreet and intimate choices to suit your needs and spend alone time with your favorite person. Not to mention, there are villas where you can indulge and immerse yourselves in massage and spa treatments for that refreshing touch. All this with a spectacular ocean view, while you’re at it.

You’ll be spoilt for choice on how to spend your time so here are a couple of suggestions on what you could do:

  1. A romantic sunset cruise dinner – Take the Sailing Junk Yacht dinner cruise to Koh Som, an island just offshore from Koh Samui and enjoy the company of your loved one while watching the spectacular sunset.
  2. Island-hopping – Experience Koh Samui by going around the island by boat and discover the many beautiful beaches and bays. You could stop over at Koh Tan, or Green Peace Island, where you can chill and sunbathe until it’s time for lunch.

There are so many romantic opportunities on this island so treat yourself to the perfect getaway and enjoy the laid-back peaceful life at Koh Samui. Hire an airport transfer service from Phuket airport via a Samui airport pick up and you’ll be on your way to some self-pampering in no time.

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