How To Choose A Bangkok Limousine Rental Company

When looking for a company that rents out Bangkok limousine, you will not have a hard time finding one. There are several limousine rental companies in Bangkok and most of them have websites that you can refer to in order to check their products and services. Choosing the right limousine rental company is not a daunting task. You only have to take a look at some tips to get effective ideas in choosing the right company. Here are some tips:

Look for Budget-friendly Offers

It is a fact that limousines for rent can be quite pricey. However, there are ways to get the best deal without spending more than you can. The first thing that you need to do is determine your budget for the Bangkok limousine. When you have the budget, find a limousine rental company that offers a limousine service that is suited to your budget. Stick to your budget no matter how tempting a newer model of limousine can be. A limousine is still a limousine regardless of make or model. The point is, you don’t have to bust your bank account to rent a limousine especially when you can rent a good model at an affordable rate.

One-stop Shop Rental Company

Look for a limousine rental company that provides utmost convenience to their customers. Aside from limousines, find a company that would offer other related services that you might need. For instance, while you need a limousine, you might also need a bodyguard or a tour and sightseeing services if you want to add pleasure to your business. You might also want a place to store your luggage or a WiFi service while in the vehicle or sip your favorite champagne while in transit. If you could get all these services in one company, it would be better.

Positive Customer Feedback

Choose a Bangkok limousine rental company that has positive feedback from its customers. Apart from the feedback found on the website, you can also find customer feedback on discussion boards and forums on third party websites found on the internet.

The Best Things To Do For Free In La Gomera

You know it’s right when they say, “the best things in life are free.” And, this is especially great if you are in La Gomera. Sometimes, when you are on vacation, you still want to take advantage of free things offered.

Here are five best things to do for free in La Gomera.

Appreciate Agulo

Agulo is a village located by the north coast that overlooks the Atlantic. It will take you 45 minutes to get here from the airport in a car. If you start off in San Sebastián de la Gomera, it will only take half an hour.

Many regard Agulo as the prettiest village in the entire La Gomera. Well, you have to check it out for yourself. Stroll around town especially on the narrow streets.

Relax in Chipude

You can learn about the native Gomeran ceramics at pottery shops lining Chipude’s 2nd main road. Well, as long as you don’t buy anything, it is definitely free.

It is best to resist Bar Sonia located in the main street. Instead, admire the beautiful panoramic view of the neighboring La Palma. It is priceless!

Go to Garajonay

As the myth goes, Gara and Jonay were Canarian versions of Romeo and Juliet. Gara was from Agulo, while Jonay was from Tenerife. When their parents did not allow them to be with each other, they ran but got cornered at highest mountain’s peak and jumped to their deaths.

This mountain is 1,484 meters tall and got its name from the lovers, also the National Park that surrounds it. The new Juego de Bolas visitor center is free.


Admire Torre del Conde

There is no entrance fee for this tourist attraction, since there isn’t an entrance. The Earl’s Tower is just enjoyed externally, together with the surrounding park, a great place for a picnic.

Travel to Valle de Gran Rey

Valle de Gran Rey is a good place to do hiking. The Mirador has a great view of the lush valley with palm trees growing.

Valle Gran Rey is a resort that is unspoilt. This is good place to relax. This also offers great sunsets. The best part? It costs nothing!


La Gomera is truly one of a kind. There are multiple places to stay here too. A Gomera Accommodation will also be a different experience especially as some offer breathtaking views.

So, what are you waiting for? Book that La Gomera vacation now!

Your Checklist When Visiting Koh Samui

A trip to Thailand is not complete without stepping into one of the most well-known islands in the country, Koh Samui. It is a beautiful island with beaches lined with palm trees and the water is crystal clear. Because of the charm it holds, it is visited by many travellers such as backpackers on a budget or the elite celebrities on holidays. If this is your first time visiting, make sure to bring with you this checklist to have a guide on what you should do while on the island of Koh Samui.

  • Big Buddha temple. This is the most popular and well known landmarks that can be found on the island. The temple displays a statue of Buddha that is 12 meters tall in a sitting position. The temple is known by the locals as Wat Phra Yai and it can be reached through the causeway from the main island. The statue is made of gold and it is seated with a Mara position which is a symbol that indicates Buddha is not subjecting to any temptations. You can shop at the small stalls situated all over the temple.
  • Hin Ta and Hin Yai. You might find many interesting things while on the island but nothing beats the beauty that the rocks present. According to the locals, it has been many years since they discovered the rocks and they were shocked to see that it resembles the private parts of male and female. The rocks were bestowed the name Ta meaning grandpa and Yai which means grandma.
  • Namuang waterfall. If you are aiming to witness beautiful sceneries, do not miss the jungle setting of these two waterfalls. They are called Na Muang 1 and Na Muang2. The water from Na Muang 1 goes straight into a pool where the people can go and swim. The good news is that you can access the falls without having to pay anything. This is a nice change from the usual day swimming on the beach.

Samui Aquarium. While you might be tempted to stay at your beachfront villa in Koh Samui, remember that there are many sights to see such as the animals living in the Samui Aquarium. You will also get to witness a Tiger Show.


Golf In A Kingdom – Thailand’s Collection Of The Best Golf Courses, Golf Clubs, Hotels And Resorts

It is difficult to decide which is the best golf club in Thailand. Other countries offer a handful of courses and clubs, but Thailand boasts of more than two hundred and fifty, which includes golf course resorts and challenging tournament tracks. The venues that make up the prestigious Golf in a Kingdom is the premier golf courses and clubs in Thailand. The Kingdom of Thailand is similar to California in landmass but stretches further north to south, which means the terrain is profound because of the varying climate. This is particularly an exciting news for golfers visiting from other countries. Golf in a Kingdom enables golfers to go to different courses from all over the kingdom, to marvel at the pristine coastlines, tropical jungles, city views and more.


Thailand Tourism has many delights. In its capital Bangkok alone, there are already temples, palaces, kickboxing, river cruises, shopping arenas, restaurants, cosmetic clinics, hotels, resorts and yes, golf courses. Not to mention the countless bars and discos in the night scene. But for business diplomats and expats who could only afford a quick break from their hectic schedule, the city itself is nestled with world-class and distinguished golf courses. If you are a game player and only play for the best, it may become a dilemma to decide because the city holds at least five of the best golf club in Thailand. After a long day at the course, rest or enjoy fine dining in a luxurious hotel. Everything is within an arm’s reach.

Hua Hin

For almost eight decades, affluent Thais have always treated Hua Hin their go-to place for holidays, especially its seaside areas. The place still has the feels of a village while also incorporating modern luxuries. Hua Hin itself have two renowned golf courses.


Located 140 kilometers Southeast of Bangkok, Pattaya is situated on the Thai Gulf. It boasts mostly of pristine beaches and a stunning nightlife. It will take an hour and a half to reach Pattaya by car from the capital city Bangkok. There are three noteworthy golf courses in Pattaya as well.

Nathon Pathom, Phuket and Chiang Mai

Like the previous gems mentioned, they also have their own individual tourist identity that charms foreigners and at the same time, each city holds at least one world-class golf course.


How To Boost Confidence With Hair Extensions

Do you remember the time you had a bad haircut or even just a bad hair day? You feel so awful you wouldn’t even want to go out of the house. If only you could stay in your room until your hair grows back to its previous glory. These days, you no longer have to be a temporary hermit when your haircut does not suit your taste. All you have to do is have those hair extensions and replace your hairstyle whenever you feel like it. Here are steps to get hair extension so you can style your hair all you want.

Check online or offline sources

The first thing you need to do if you want some hair extension is to check the internet for ideas. Visit different websites for hair styles for hair extension ideas. You will also get information elated to hair extensions such as their average price, the different suppliers, colors that would suit your current hair color and so on. You can also visit your hair stylist or local hair salons for ideas. Hair salons have catalogues that you can browse.

Order your preferred style

When you are already sure what type of hair extension are you going to buy, you can start coordinating with your preferred vendor or supplier. To reduce your costs, buy in bulk for less delivery fees. You can also look for suppliers that offer free delivery to further bring down your hair extension expenses. You can purchase suppliers that are near your location because there is a higher chance that they will deliver the items for free or at least, for a minimal cost unlike international shipping.

Strut like a model with your hair

When you have your much awaited hair extensions, it is now time for you to wear them to different occasions and mesmerize your friends and colleagues. The good thing about Russian hair extensions is that they can be attached to your natural hair in a matter of few minutes and can be easily removed in seconds. That’s how convenient hair extensions are.


How To Buy The Right LED Strip Lights

We are seeing more and more of LEDs when it comes to home lighting system because of the fact that it is better than the other alternatives. In comparison to incandescent and halogen bulbs, LEDs last longer, it can be controlled by the user and may be programmed, more efficient as well as produces lesser heat. These are only some of the known benefits of LEDs. While we know of its advantages, buying one is not an easy task because there are many types and variations to choose from. Here are a few things to know in order for you to purchase the right one.

LED strips are categorized into four major types – DC LED flex strips, AC LED flex strips, LED rope light and high power LED strips. The DC LED is a flexible strip that is powered by 12volts DC and it comes with a silicone for waterproofing along with a 3M adhesive so it can be installed easily. The AC LED is also flexible but it is powered straight from the home’s outlet. All you have to do is plug it in. The LED rope light has a case and it is omni-directional that comes in a standard packaging. High powered LEDS are those that are purchased together with board drivers and its own circuitry.

When buying, you might focus on the length of the LED strips that you are purchasing but it is important to count the number of LEDs on the specific length as well to know how many are in every foot or meter. If you want a clean line for your lighting then you might want to choose one that is spaced not too far apart.

LED light strip is available in different single colours while RGB or multicolour ones are also available. The most common type is strip that comes in single colour. This is cheaper and installation is easier. If you want a colour changing strip, the combination you will get is red, green and blue. These are controllable by the user so the light flashes or it can display one colour at a time.

Marketing Methods Ideal For Small Businesses

It does not matter if you have a small business selling products or your services, marketing is important in order to attract customers without spending a lot of money. Here are some marketing strategies that are recommended for small businesses, both online and offline.

  • In order to succeed in marketing, you must first set your goal and then plan around the budget you have. You should ask yourself, what do you want for your company? You must be able to determine whether you want to become visible nationally or you want to reach more customers in a local level. Once you have set your goal, you will be able to move on to the next step.
  • Marketing will only work if you invest money in it. It does not have to be a large investment but in some way you are going to spend money if you are to avail of social adverts, paid search adverts, display adverts and so much more. The process might sound intimidating but it will be worth it in the end. You can learn how to do this on your own or you can hire someone to do the work for you.
  • Make use of Google, the most popular search engine. Google started an initiative last year called Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map which aims to mark local businesses online. If you haven’t done so, it is time to put your business into the map. Remember that according to studies, businesses that are visible online have 40 per cent growth rate compared to those who are not.
  • There are a lot of social media platforms nowadays and while it might be logical to have an account on every one of them, it is more effective to choose a single channel where most of your audience are and focus on it.

Email marketing might have been in the scene for a while now but it still proves to be one of the best marketing strategies for business to establish a good relationship with long term customers. It is perfect for small businesses in order to connect with their clients by sending sale notifications or scheduled newsletter.


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