Modelling And Surfing Career For Palmateer

Beach bombshell Felicity Palmateer is the new queen of big-wave surfing in Australia. At 23, Felicity was travelling the world as a bikini-clad surfer and everyone assumed that she is living a carefree, bohemian existence. That is not the case, because big-wave surfing requires hours of gruelling training, strict diet and serious coaching sessions.

Fearless Felicity the WA athlete made history last month when she managed to reach the finals of the first big-wave competition for women at Jaws. The big-wave world tour was packed with drama because two women ended up in the hospital due to twisted limbs after they were wiped out by a giant 8 meter plus swell. Palmeteer was able to reach the finals at Maui when she rode two giant swells and surfed what may have been the biggest wave that was ever ridden by a female surfer in Australia.

According to Palmateer, the secret to surfing and surviving the big waves is all in the mind. Speaking from the Gold Coast where she is now based to be near the headquarters of Billabong, her major sponsor, Palmateer said that part of her success is breathing techniques she learned from surf coach Nam Baldwin.

Palmateer is now pretty calm with the big waves after all the difficult training she has undertaken. She knows how to deal with a 30-footer that is coming towards her. Palmateer loves the adrenaline boost she gets from surfing the big waves and her coach Nam has helped her a lot with the mental stuff and breathing techniques to remain calm and enjoy the moment.

Many people who have never tried surfing assume that the sport is dangerous but once you put some time into the ocean, you learn to be comfortable. When you grow up in WA, you will always get used to powerful Indian Ocean with its giant waves.

If you want to look beautiful and confident while surfing, you can opt for Gold Coast swimwear that is made from the highest quality Italian lycra and elastics. There are about 20 styles and more than 10 prints to choose from to ensure that the swimwear will satisfactorily suit your requirements.

In Spite Of Some Unfavorable Events, Interest On Thai Property Has Not Diminished

Thailand is a very beautiful country with a favorable climate in Southeast Asia that is why many foreigners are interested in buying a home for retirement, a second home for vacation or a property investment. Recently, some news events have temporarily diminished the interest on property investment but it was temporary because people have realized that trouble occurs everywhere.

The most important thing for property buyers not only in Thailand but other parts of the world is to understand the legal system of the country. For example, in Thailand, foreigners can buy condos and buildings but not land. It is easy to avoid the pitfalls in property ownership by consulting with a local lawyer who knows the legal processes in negotiating a legal contract.

While there are also legal restrictions on the percentage with which foreigners can acquire condominiums and apartments, the process of ownership is less troublesome than that of land. The local lawyer will navigate through all the regulations and restrictions to ensure a smooth process of property investment.

It is common for property buyers to go directly to the seller of a home. This is particularly true when you are investing in your country but not when you are buying a second home in a foreign country like Thailand. A real estate agent will help you save time, money and efforts because they know the property values, the properties that are available in the market and the most favorable locations for a second home.

Before you search for a local lawyer or a real estate agent to work with, do your own homework. Search for properties that are for sale in peaceful neighborhoods. Remember that Thailand is a very popular tourist destination and you might not appreciate the noise and revelry from numerous bars and clubs not unless your idea of an investment is for tourist rental.

Koh Samui Real Estate Agent has been involved in numerous property transactions and can advise you on all the aspects of property investment. You can take advantage of their knowledge of financing options, leasehold structures and tax optimization so that the transaction will run as smoothly as possible to your best advantage.

Food Trip In Bangkok

For some world travelers, some of the most important factors that enhance their experience are scenic views and entertainment areas. However, there are travelers whose concept of fun is good and tasty food. If you are an adventurous traveler who is looking for a different type of cuisine, your best option is Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand where you will taste some of the best street food in Southeast Asia.

It is good to be adventurous from time to time and forget about sticking to a strict diet. In Bangkok, you can shop till your feet hurt then proceed to the streets to taste the irresistible prata and freshly squeezed orange juice. It is not orange flavoring but pure orange juice that goes straight into bottles untouched by human hands.

It is hard to miss the street food vendors because they are virtually all over the city of Bangkok. The number of skewered meat balls and sausages displayed are simply overwhelming. Don’t bother counting, simply request the food vendors to re-fry the food. It is very likely that you have tasted some of the sausages but not the unique sweet and sour sauce that perfectly complements the taste of meat balls. You will surely come back to taste more.

Aside from the tons of meat balls, there is pork, chicken or squid in skewers cooked over charcoal. You have a choice of dips but the best is the sweet, tangy and spicy dip. If you are not particularly fond of meat, you have the option of vegetables wrapped in large flat kway teow with Thailand’s signature spicy dip. Some stalls offer huge grilled prawns including crabs and oysters.

The truth is in all the places to see in Bangkok, there will always be street food available to satisfy your unique taste. You can easily discover new things to see and experience in Bangkok through mobile. Locals offer many different experiences that are carefully selected to meet your requirements when you connect to them. Forget about joining boring tour packages; there are lots of adventure trips available that are truly unique and authentic.


5 Tips For Choosing The Best Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are an easy way to add length and volume to your hair. Prior to investing in these hair extensions, it is very helpful to consider the various factors like your hair’s texture and your lifestyle.

Here are my 5 tips for choosing the best hair extensions.

Choosing 100% Remy human hair

There are varieties of hair which include Remy, non-Remy and synthetic. The best are created with 100% Remy human hair, regardless of method preferred. This is the top quality available in the market. This will get you the most natural look, and this also lasts long.

Companies that make use of non-Remy or synthetic will get you hair that tangles and sheds. Several companies claim to use 100% Remy human hair. However, they are just combining Remy and non-Remy. So, make sure to read reviews so that you’re buying from reputable companies.



Considering Lifestyle

It is very beneficial to think of the hair extension method which works well with your lifestyle. Having hair extensions need extra care and maintenance. If you wake up minutes earlier to have that great-looking hair, this is for you.

If you are too busy, clip-in extensions are right for you. You can use them on special occasions or on days where you have time.


With the semi-permanent ones, you need to make some adjustments to care routines. This doesn’t mean though that your lifestyle is going to get affected. You can still protect your hair extensions by putting in to a braid to prevent tangling, in cases where you need to work out.

Hair Texture

Hair extensions usually originate from India, China and Europe. Every type is fit for several hair textures. If you pick the texture that doesn’t fit your natural hair, it won’t blend with your natural hair or won’t look natural.

Colour Match

This is an obvious tip. There are companies that offer dual-blended, multi-blended, as well as bright colours for those that don’t have a one-dimensional hair.



Certified Stylist

It is best to approach a certified hair stylist for Hair Extensions in Bondi. This way you will feel secure, since you’re getting a seamless and proper application.



Accessories To Choose When Renting Marquee

Marquee Hire in Sydney is suitable for various occasions. They can be used during weddings, corporate events, birthdays and other special events. When renting a marquee, you need to consider a lot of things. You need to consider the number of your guests, the size of the marquee and the area where you are going to put up the marquee. The type of marquee that you are going to rent should also be suitable to the current season. For instance, a sturdier marquee should be chosen for the rainy or winter season while a lighter material should be chosen during dry or sunny season. Apart from the material, you should also consider the accessories to be included in the marquee. Here are some of the most common accessories that go perfect with a party marquee.


Lights are very important aspect of Marquee Hire in Sydney especially if you are going to hold the party at night or if you prefer having a close marquee with walls down. Lights will improve the ambiance of the area and will boost the mood of the event. For instance, a wedding with low lights will make the event dreamier like you are actually in a fairy tale movie while blinking LED lights of different colours will have everyone on their feet and dancing.


The stage is where the important parts of the event take place. It is where the presidential table is placed and where speeches and the highlights of the event happen. The stage is where most of the decorations like flowers, lights and other pieces are placed. It is the centrepiece of the occasion so you would want your stage to be attractive and artsy. Choose a stage that would help materialize your dream party.


Linings can be pleated, plain or lightly ruched. It comes with valence of different colours to match your motif or preference.


The flooring is an important aspect of Marquee Hire in Sydney. It is used for walkways and for flooring especially in grassy areas. Choose a strong, reliable floor for your guest’s safety.

How To Buy Hanging Planters

Hanging plants is not a fad. People have been hanging plants since time immemorial. During the ancient times, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was considered as one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. This is a proof that people appreciates hanging plants and gardens for centuries now. To go along with your hanging plants, you would need hanging planters. There are several hanging pots that you can buy online and even in your local hardware and garage sales. To get the right hanging pots for you, consider the following buying tips:


Putting up a hanging plant and buying a planter to hang it from may sound so easy. However, there are some things that you need to consider. For instance, you need to consider the interior design of the place where you are going to hang your plant. If your design is contemporary or modern, you would have to buy a planter that is also contemporary. This will provide coherence on your interior design. The type of hanging planters that you should buy must also be suitable to the type of plant you have. In other words, conduct a short research to come up with a harmonious ambiance for your interior.

Look for planter suppliers

If you are already decided on the type of plant and hanging planters that you are going to have, the next step would be to look for planter suppliers such as Hundred Acre Wood. They provide free delivery and free return of items if ever you are not happy with the supplies. There are so many suppliers on the internet but always look for a hanging planter supplier that delivers their products and services with a personal touch. Read discussion boards to find a trusted distributor of your needed supplies.

Process your purchase 

The last step towards having hanging planters is to actually place your purchase. Only entrust your payment from a supplier that guarantees secure payment. Remember that there are scammers everywhere and the internet is infested with them. After your purchase, wait for the delivery for you to start with your new hobby.

Factors To Take Into Account When Investing In Art

Have you experienced attending an auction of remarkable pieces of art? Auctions are full of excitement particularly if two or more bidders are competing for the same piece. A high price for a piece of art can be justified if you do not include emotions in the bid. It is very easy to get to get emotional when a rare painting of your favorite artists is put up for auction.


The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli is a rare piece of art that is currently on display at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. It is very unlikely for this painting to be put up for auction but there are many interpretations from some renowned painters. When you go to an auction and you fall in love with a piece of art, make sure to take into account the price, value and condition so that you can adjust a bid accordingly. If you are an investor, consider the auction as a business wherein you make detailed preparations to ensure its profitability.

On the other hand, there are investors who buy remarkable art pieces not for profit but to have an asset that can be displayed and enjoyed. Unlike other investment tools like stocks, the value of a piece of art does not appreciate immediately. Those who have chosen wisely understand the types of art that will appreciate considerable value after a few decades. However, once you have fallen in love with a particular painting, it is heartbreaking to part with it no matter how big the profits it has earned.

Investing in art has its advantages but make sure to be well informed before you part away with your money. You should not get involved in an art investment unless you have properly researched the source of the piece. If you planning to buy a certain painting from an art dealer, have the pieces appraised by independent and professional appraisers.

The internet will save you some efforts and time at searching for a reliable and professional Fine art dealer. There are many good online sites to visit to help you evaluate whether the painting or sculpture will eventually reach its full potential.

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