Preparing Products For Shipping During The Holiday Season

Once again, we are ushering in the holiday season, the peak season for retail. Are you ready for the influx of online orders? You should be prepared because shipping is one of the fundamental aspects of an online store. You have to make sure that products reach their destination in one piece.

How to prepare for shipping

Cushioning materials are very important particularly for fragile and sensitive items. If the item is breakable, make sure that it is wrapped individually and surrounded by at least 2 inches of cushioning to protect against product-to-product damage as well as shock and vibrations during handling and transport.

There are corrugated boxes that can be purchased with interior box partitions to separate products from each other but even with the partitions, make sure to use cushioning to prevent movement. There are proper cushioning materials sold in the market from loose-fill or expanded polystyrene peanuts to bubble sheets.

Bubble sheets are transparent plastic materials with air-filled bubbles that provide protection to fragile items. Make sure that the item is wrapped in layers of bubble sheet particularly on corners and edges. Bubble sheets can also be used to fill voids and prevent product movement.

Loose-fill peanuts are frequently used as cushioning for lightweight items. Overfill the box with loose-fill peanuts before closing the flaps securely. However, during transport there is a tendency for the peanuts to shift and settle that is why it is recommended to use a minimum of 2 inches of cushioning materials around the contents.

One of the best sellers during the holiday season is electronic gadgets and equipment. When packaging these products, it is important to ensure that the loose-fill peanuts do not cause static that can damage electronics. There are anti-static peanuts available from packaging manufacturers. Special packages may be required for electronic products with additional cushioning or a double over box.

Like everything else in retail, you enjoy better deals when you buy shipping supplies in bulk. There are online and physical stores with a wide selection of packaging supplies from the smallest gift boxes to the largest corrugated boxes. Remember that the kind of shipping supplies you choose can make or break your business.

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