Providing Stylish Timber Wall Panels For Your Home Or Building

When you require a building construction material with appreciable tolerance and high tensile strength, the right choice is the timber wall panels. These panels are now being made of materials approved by the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association. The AAMA approved material will mostly utilize a coating for these panels.

Why these panels are more preferred for construction?

The panels are one of the most relevant elements to make a favourite material for building interiors and exteriors. It is known to be durable as it provides good value and the capacity to resist wind pressure. Furthermore, these can be made to withstand fire by utilizing Mg (OH) 2 as the core material.

These high decorative value of timber wall panels has enticed the modern day contractors to utilize this construction material to impart a sleek, modern and stylish look on the interiors and exteriors of a constructed home or building.

Some of the specifications that contribute to the awesomeness of panels are:

  • 4mm TWP: The TWP has an ideal thickness making it usable for sky-rise buildings. It definitely withstands wind load effectively.
  • Mode of fixing the panels: The decorative wall panels can be fixed in two ways – cassette system and tray system. The latter is renowned for high holding capacity which is usually followed.
  • Dow Corning sealant: You can utilize silicone sealant for a high tensile strength of timber wall panels. You can attach it with removable tape, making it easy to apply.

Decorative wall panels are Sustainable

How these stylish wall panels are manufactured will make use of recyclable materials; hence, it is eco-friendly. Sustainable resources are being utilized by manufacturers to obtain utmost yield from the provided set of resources reducing the trash in the process. Therefore, aside from providing a reasonable price, contractors can employ the environment-friendly material, which contributes to the greener surroundings.

A variety you can’tfind anywhere

Timber wall panels used as sandwich style are, in fact, versatility released. One can opt for a bigger number of styles that include stucco, pinhole, sprinkle, timber and stripe styles. You may want to search for more before you finally decide that this panel is your choice.

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