Reasons Why It Is Better To Invest In A Single Family Home

Chachoengsao is a province that is within reach from the busy city of Bangkok but it is relatively unknown to tourists. If you want to be away from the hordes of tourists that visit Bangkok, your best option is to invest in a Single home in Chachoengsao that boasts of cultural, historic and religious sites including natural attractions and interesting markets.

Investing in a single home is one of the best decisions that an investor can make. First of all, the single home can be used as a second home because it is very near the city with all its shopping malls, temples and restaurants. It can also be rented out to tenants so that you can expect a monthly rental income.

The trend now is to rent a property instead of owning it. This is the reason why vacancy rates for single homes have reached historic lows. It is very likely for a tenant to stay longer in a single home and treat it like the own home. While low vacancies apply to most properties in Thailand, the demand is higher for the single-family homes.

Single-family homes are more interesting to investors because of the incentive of lower prices. Because it is cheaper than other properties like multi-family homes, obtaining financing from banks is generally easier. This is great for young investors who want to try their hand at real estate investments.

It is typical for investors to hire a property manager that will be responsible for screening tenants, maintenance and repairs and ensuring that everything runs properly. With single homes, there is no need for a property manager because it is very unlikely for the tenants to still require maintenance when they can easily manage it on their own. Tenants are unlikely to have issues that will require another person to provide a solution.

Another advantage of investing in a Single home in Chachoengsao is greater liquidity.  It can be sold rather quickly even when the property market is particularly slow. There is always high demand from prospective homebuyers compared to other types of properties. They also appreciate faster so that they have higher value.

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