Rules To Keep In Mind In Making Your Product Standout

When you go into a supermarket, you are welcomed with the sight of hundreds of different products. As a consumer, you probably have a list of products to buy in mind. When you arrive at the section where item number one is, you are given a myriad of products to choose from. So which product will you likely choose or if you are the manufacturing company, will your product standout in the shelf and grab the customer’s attention?

A major aspect in product designing is its packaging. Creating the right package and design will make your product shine on the supermarket shelf. Product packaging is an industry itself. There are a lot of experts in the field that offer their services to assist you in packaging.

Here are some important rules to take note so your product can create a lasting impact to your customers.

• Simple and Clear

When you go to the supermarket, pick a shelf and ask yourself what the product is for and who manufactured it. These are simple questions but mind you, a lot of packaging out there does not give you the answers to the questions. There are products that do not have brand names and there are no clear instructions what the product is for. Keeping your message simple and clear will bring your product to consumers’ understanding immediately.

• Genuineness

The look of your packaging should be authentic. It should be original and not some idea ripped off from other company. There are thousands of brands that are in stiff competition. You need to be different to stand out. Your idea should be fresh and unique.

• Shelf impact

When you shop for an item, you see myriads of products on display in a single shelf. You need to take into consideration the shelf impact of your product packaging. Ask yourself: “If my product is displayed along the other brands, will it stand out, will shoppers take notice of it?” You need to do physical tests of this. Get your packaging idea and have it lined up along with other products, see if it stands out.

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