The Best Engagement Rings For Men

By tradition, a man gives a woman an engagement ring when he proposes as a sign of love and devotion, which they both share. However, these engagement rings are not only for women any more. There are countless couples that buy an engagement ring for both man and woman. These rings are also ideal for the same sex couples wanting to both wear engagement rings.

Simple engagement rings

These are the best option for those couples wanting an affordable ring. When you are going to pick a simple engagement ring, you should primarily consider the material that it is made of. A sleek silver or gold ring can be bought. You can also choose a brushed titanium or black plated ring, or a ring having a bevelled edge which gives it more depth.

Classic engagement rings

If your man likes classic styles, a ring in a traditional style should be considered. A ring which is lined with stones on every side has that timeless appeal. While diamonds are great for the lining, other gemstones should be considered, too. Cubic zirconia, emeralds, sapphires and rubies are great choices for gemstones.

Modern engagement rings

If a modern engagement ring is more of your man’s style, a tungsten ring in black is a great choice. Or, you can buy a titanium plated ring that has an inlay of carbon fibre. These inlays mix black with other colours like green, blue or red to create that modern woven look which stands out.

Nature-inspired rings

A nature-inspired ring works well as an engagement ring since it looks unique and masculine. Rings that have wood inlays can be bought in dark and light shades, too.

Two-toned engagement rings

An engagement ring that has both a gold- and silver-tone finish is timeless. Two-toned engagement rings have various colours and materials. You can purchase a ring that has a black and white finish, or a ring that is titanium plated with rose gold.

Summing up

So, there you go, there are countless options for men’s engagement rings. It all just boils down to a specific preference or taste.

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