The Best Things To Do For Free In La Gomera

You know it’s right when they say, “the best things in life are free.” And, this is especially great if you are in La Gomera. Sometimes, when you are on vacation, you still want to take advantage of free things offered.

Here are five best things to do for free in La Gomera.

Appreciate Agulo

Agulo is a village located by the north coast that overlooks the Atlantic. It will take you 45 minutes to get here from the airport in a car. If you start off in San Sebastián de la Gomera, it will only take half an hour.

Many regard Agulo as the prettiest village in the entire La Gomera. Well, you have to check it out for yourself. Stroll around town especially on the narrow streets.

Relax in Chipude

You can learn about the native Gomeran ceramics at pottery shops lining Chipude’s 2nd main road. Well, as long as you don’t buy anything, it is definitely free.

It is best to resist Bar Sonia located in the main street. Instead, admire the beautiful panoramic view of the neighboring La Palma. It is priceless!

Go to Garajonay

As the myth goes, Gara and Jonay were Canarian versions of Romeo and Juliet. Gara was from Agulo, while Jonay was from Tenerife. When their parents did not allow them to be with each other, they ran but got cornered at highest mountain’s peak and jumped to their deaths.

This mountain is 1,484 meters tall and got its name from the lovers, also the National Park that surrounds it. The new Juego de Bolas visitor center is free.


Admire Torre del Conde

There is no entrance fee for this tourist attraction, since there isn’t an entrance. The Earl’s Tower is just enjoyed externally, together with the surrounding park, a great place for a picnic.

Travel to Valle de Gran Rey

Valle de Gran Rey is a good place to do hiking. The Mirador has a great view of the lush valley with palm trees growing.

Valle Gran Rey is a resort that is unspoilt. This is good place to relax. This also offers great sunsets. The best part? It costs nothing!


La Gomera is truly one of a kind. There are multiple places to stay here too. A Gomera Accommodation will also be a different experience especially as some offer breathtaking views.

So, what are you waiting for? Book that La Gomera vacation now!

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